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The Shadow of THE SHADOW

As promised last week, here is the conclusion to my examination of The Shadow phenomenon. (If you missed it, I’d recommend that you read the previous article first, then come on back here for part the second.)

To begin with, a little exposition: According to Tibetan spiritualism, a “tulpa” is a sentient, interactive being created out of pure thought, mental energy, a psychic creation with a life of its own, separate from its creator. An experiment conducted in Toronto, Canada in 1972, where a group of researchers reportedly created a “fictitious” ghost named Phillip, would seem to support this belief. There are other examples, though. Ghost hunter Hanz Holzer, in one of his many books, reported on the haunting at 12 Gay Street in New York City. Another writer, Walter Gibson, read about that haunting. One of the ghosts, christened the “Gay Street Phantom,” or rather the physical description of that ghost, really caught Gibson’s attention. The latter, you see, had lived at 12 Gay Street. And he was pretty sure the “Phantom” was his very own creation—none other than The Shadow himself!

The townhouse in Greenwich Village on Gay Street has a colorful history, having been a speakeasy, among other things, so it’s not surprising that it would be reputedly haunted by several ghosts. But Gibson, the writer who dedicated more work to the serialized adventures of The Shadow than anyone else, churning out two novel-length Shadow stories PER MONTH(!) for years, theorized that he had, without meaning to do so, created a tulpa, and that this tulpa took the form of his famed LITERARY creation, that it in essence WAS his “fictional” character come to life. Descriptions of the “Phantom” by eyewitnesses describe The Shadow down to the last detail. After dedicating all that time and energy to crafting stories for The Shadow, did Gibson unwittingly WILL his creation to life? Does The Shadow truly reside at 12 Gay Street? If so, all those other ghosts had better stick to the straight and narrow! The Shadow won’t put up with any evil deeds done by restless spirits! For that matter, if you’re a LIVING bad guy and you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to avoid visiting that townhouse. After all, The Shadow KNOWS what’s in your heart…

TheCheezman • March 9, 2017

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