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The Six Flags Coffin Challenge

Ima call bullshit on this one. Six Flags in St. Louis is offering people the chance to spend 30 hours locked inside a coffin. Right. That sentence screams lawsuit. It screams legal liability. I don’t believe any company would put itself out there like that, lay its neck across a chopping block with a million ambulance-chasing lawyers already sharpening their axes. Even if they make the participants sign a waiver, they’d still be open to numerous lawsuits should something go wrong. Possibly even criminal charges. No, there has to be a catch.

Ah, yes. There they are. For one thing, none of the participants are going to be locked inside their respective coffins. They can get out anytime they want. They also get regular bathroom breaks. You can win $300 bucks, and maybe get to keep your coffin. Is it worth it? Let’s see. Thirty hours. $300. That’s ten bucks an hour. Is that really worth it? You can also potentially win some free passes to the park’s haunted house attractions and season passes. If you lived nearby and could visit the park multiple times, the passes might prove worth it. Otherwise, they’d have to pay my ass a lot more than ten bucks an hour. At 25 bucks I’d start considering it.

TheCheezman • October 2, 2018

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