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The Skeleton People

This article refers to them as the “Omo Masalai.” This other article refers to them as the “Chimbu.” Which is it? Are they two separate peoples, two distinct tribes, or is one a subset of the other? Both the former and the latter are said to live in Papua New Guinea, and they both LOOK the same. They paint themselves up like the living dead, like animated skeletons. Their appearance is artistically striking. The Omo Masalai don’t dress like that all the time, though. They only do it for the celebration of certain festivals. Alternately, the Chimbu are reputed to paint themselves in such a way to intimidate their enemies. (I’d imagine it would work.) Neither of the articles provides a lot of information about their respective subjects, and both stress that not much information is available about them. Okay, then. Guess I’ll have to do it myself.

Hmmm. Wikipedia has no listing for the Chimbu. And there isn’t one for the Omo Masalai, either. Maybe this is why the articles say there isn’t much information available. Listen, when NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC wants to cut me a check to write an article for them, I’ll gladly spend hours researching the topic. In the meantime, Ima just tell you that there are native tribes in Papua New Guinea where the people paint themselves as living skeletons, and that this body-painting is stunning to behold. Take a gander at the photographs offered by those two linked articles, to see for yourselves.

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TheCheezman • April 18, 2017

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