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The Skull Asteroid

First things first. No, it isn’t going to slam into the Earth. Even if it did, which it won’t, it’s not one of those dinosaur-killing-sized asteroids. It poses no threat to us, so don’t let its appearance fool you. Asteroid 2015 TB145 hasn’t been given an UN-official name yet, other than being called the Halloween asteroid. I hereby suggest we name it “Boney.” There. It is done.

Boney looks like a giant human skull. Appropriately enough Boney buzzed the Earth on Halloween day 2015. He’s coming back around again but he won’t make it this time until a couple’a weeks after All Hallows’, but it’s all good. November is still the Halloween season as far as I’m concerned. Boney won’t buzz us this time as close as last time; it will pass us by at a distance over a hundred times farther away from us than we are to the moon, so “closer” is a really relative term. But in 2082, again on Halloween, Boney will pass by us at only 20 times the distance from the Earth to the moon. So, uh, yeah, close is still relative.

It is theorized that Boney might be the remains of a comet that has burned off all its outer icy coating, which would make the skully appearance even more fitting.

Everybody make sure you go outside on the night of November 11th and wave to Boney!

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