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The Slumping Dead

While I have stated before, and on more than one occasion, that I don’t expect to ever see the end of THE WALKING DEAD—they are planning movies set in the TWD universe, and yes, that is movies, plural, as in more than one—and also the series’ ratings have dipped before, only to rebound and come back stronger than ever—and while I have, I admit, lost interest in the show, have become rather bored with it, to be honest—and while I was never a big mark for it anyway, if I’m being *really* honest, sharing as I do George Romero’s views on the show (and let’s ALL be really honest, here, THE WALKING DEAD is a rather blatant rip-off of everything Romero did, sans the cultural subtext)—the show DOES seem to have maybe, possibly, peaked, and is now in decline. THE WALKING DEAD, the obnoxiously popular series, may have jumped the shark. And the viewers are jumping ship.

The season nine premiere was the least-watched in the series history. And the sophomore episode scored the lowest ratings of the entire run of the show thus far. The Deadheads just aren’t tuning in anymore. Zombie fatigue? I don’t think so. It’s THE WALKING DEAD fatigue. The showrunners may have finally whipped the last of the skin off the old dead horse. Not that they won’t have its skeleton out there prancing around like a Tennessee Walker for some time to come. (That latter is a breed of horse, not a zombie.) It’s just that no one will care.

TheCheezman • October 30, 2018

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