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The Soska Sisters Want Your Blood

Sylvia and Jen Soska, the “Twisted Twins”, a pair of independent movie directors responsible for such modern classics as AMERICAN MARY, are “hosting” a blood drive. “It’s that magical time of year again where we Sisters Soska don’t just want to spill blood on the screen, but want YOU to bleed for us. Don’t worry, it’s for an incredibly good cause…” So says their promo statement.

Did you know February is “Women In Horror Month”? I didn’t, but I do now. To celebrate, and to accomplish good things for good causes, the Soskas are putting out an anthology of faux-Public Service Announcements, all pertaining to the Red Cross and the need for people to donate blood.

“As part of [Women In Horror Month] each year we search out filmmakers from across the globe to make their own Public Service Announcements for Blood Services and Red Cross. The only requirements are that you have to be passionate about the cause and you must be a feminist. I’m proud to say that this year we have a record-setting 30 TEAMS that have participated. Magnificently each PSA was made with the filmmakers using their own money and resources along with generous donations and numerous volunteers…EVERY day in February…we will be releasing a NEW PSA via our Twisted Twins’ YouTube Channel. Please subscribe…[but] PLEASE be sure to make an appointment to donate. We need you. After all, it’s in you to give.”

And the commoners think Horror people are evil. Sheesh. These ladies may like showing us bloody, disembodied hearts onscreen, but their own are made of pure gold.

TheCheezman • February 18, 2018

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