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THE STRAIN Comicon Sneak-Peeks

Man, the fine folks over at FX loaded us up this week with STRAIN-related footage, courtesy of the San Diego Comic Con. I’m just gonna sit back and let the videos speak for themselves–for the most part. This one has star Kevin Durand talking about the scene from the series that most stands out to him. I won’t spoil it but he uses the word “bromance.” Carlton Cuse talks about the end of the series and the characters’ journeys here. Corey Stoll ruminates on whether or not Eph still has what it takes to save the world, now that’s he’s lost everything, in this clip. The most fun bit, though, is this one, a THE STRAIN therapy session. Zack and Eph on the couch, so to speak, while Carlton Cuse doles out psychobabble. The Master gives off a creepy pedo vibe, while Fet sulks over Eph and Dutch hooking up. Eph’s impersonation of Fet is hilarious–but Fet’s response is even better. Eichorst is in a blonde wig, roleplaying as Dutch, or trying to–but who could have guessed that he’s secretly crushing on Setrakian? Gotta admit, it makes sense, though, doesn’t it? And poor Gus still has mommy issues. But when the whole thing turned into an intervention for The Master, I lost it. This bit is sheer brilliance. It’s comedic gold, and it almost makes me wish they’d done the entire series as a comedy.

For that matter, why not? Start the series over after this season, and play it strictly for laughs. It’d be like the “dragon run” common in theatre (stage theatre), wherein the cast reenacts the show, whatever show they’ve just finished, but do it strictly as a joke. I’d watch it. Wouldn’t you?

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TheCheezman • August 1, 2017

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