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THE STRAIN episode preview, EXTRACTION, plus a Quinlan featurette

This upcoming episode, number eight of season four, is probably gonna be the one in which Setrakian dies. He got bit by Eichorst this past weekend. Even though he killed his longtime enemy, I don’t see how he could have escaped being infected by the white worms. And even if he somehow wasn’t infected, he swallowed a whole bottle of blood-thinners, and got drained of a goodly amount of his blood, too. I don’t see how he could long survive that. And with Eichorst dead, it’s a safe bet the Master is gonna be plenty scared. The stakes have never been higher.

Alternately, here is a short feature on the history of Quinlan. Executive producer J. Miles Dale explains that, as fans who’ve read the STRAIN books already know everything that’s going to happen (I would have to take exception to this statement, as the TV series has so far deviated from the continuity of the novels that it is impossible to use them as any kind of predictor.), they like to throw in little homages to the books, and Quinlan’s exploits in 1888 London is an example of this. Whatever the motivations, I’ll take all the Quinlan I can get.

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TheCheezman • August 31, 2017

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