‘The Strain’: It’s So Gnarly, You Might Puke In Your Mouth (Spoilers!)

[BD Review] ‘The Strain’ Brings a Welcome Vampire Twist, Plus Gore!

(Spoiler Alert!) All right guys, get ready for this: I have finally started watching ‘The Strain’ and I absolutely love it: favorite episode so far is season 1 episode 4, –when Jim, Eph, and Nora start dissecting the plane captain that attacked them, –Eph pulls the stinger all the way out.. like.. a limp spaghetti noodle, and then the dead vampire shoots a liquid combo of urine and feces all over the place…

Jim, Sean Astin’s character starts completely losing his shit, and it’s absolutely hilarious. There’s the added bonus that the wormy things that infect people look a lot like roundworms, –you know, the kind you see in your dog’s poop sometimes? yeaaah. Ew. What’s your favorite moment of “The Strain”?

By annimi

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  1. I read the 3 books & been waiting A LONG LONG time for this to go to the big screen & often wonder HOW they were gonna deal with certain things that were in the book in a movie or series, haha. The Strain is NOT for the faint of heart, haha…i simply luv this series!

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