‘The Strain’ Season 2 Preview Video

“Your whole world can change in the matter of seconds. Prepare to fight this Summer on FX.”

This video is almost like an allegory for remembering to ask for ID when you go to a club; you can’t trust a pretty girl she could be jail bait in disguise! She looks like a sweet, innocent girl… then all of a sudden, eeek! Holy crap! I am so ready for the new season of The Strain. There is one aspect of the show though that I am really missing, and it’s a decision that was probably made by the author of the series, and the creator of the show… so if you haven’t read the books, read no further:


In the books, the conglomerate corporation that kicks off the vampire apocalypse has its fingers in all kinds of charities, and about midway in the first book the company sponsored a field trip in which kids were given special glasses to view an eclipse. The glasses were intentionally faulty, they went blind, and were later turned into vampires. They become a really creepy army of ultra-sensory perceptive little vampire, and they become a sort of task force. I really was hoping to see them in the show.. but so far, nothing, nada… I’m really hoping they appear at some point in the show, but I think they were written out.

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