The Tree of Blood

I have come across a wide assortment of strange and twisted vampire stories – from vampire cats to floating heads, but today’s tale is a new one even for me.

Among the many fascinatingly wicked Japanese myths, the jubokko is for sure my new favorite. According to the myth, on grounds where there has been much bloodshed, such as execution sites or battlefields, a special kind of tree grows. This tree is known as the jubokko. But what is so unique about this tree?  The jubokko is a vampire tree that feeds on the blood and life-force of humans.

These demonized trees must feed off of humans in order to survive. But unfortunately the jubokko appears as a normal tree, there is no way of knowing what it really is… until it’s too late. Once a person walks too close to the tree it attacks, capturing the person with its branches and draining them of their blood.

There is one way to spot the jubokko for what it is but you have to get up close to it, which obviously means painful death for you. Either way, you can reveal a jubokko by cutting it, for it is said that a jubokko will bleed real human blood. Another problem is that is heals incredibly fast, so even if you were able to some how attack it from a distance it would simply bleed for a moment and then heal.

Oh but it doesn’t end there, this evil tree is also known to hide amongst other trees and bushes and it is able to alter the flora in the area. This makes it very easy for someone to get lost in the forest, which makes it easy for a jubokko to snatch them up. In some versions of the myth the jubokko can speak to other plants as well and are able to find its victims that way.

But it’s not all bad; in fact a jubokko can bring goodness to a lucky few. Any branch taken from a jubokko tree, with permission of course, is a powerful item that can be used to heal and purify almost anyone.
Well, I guess that’s something.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. If I had a tree like the JUBOKKO would it feed on the neighbors if they came close? Any why I’m a big fan of vampires just as the jubokko tree. By the way did you say that it was a vampire in the story? Does it live in the forest or the graveyard or any where else? Why can’t other trees see as well as the jubokko can?
    Did you writ this on your own or got this from a friend?

    1. I got the info from a book and various websites. I called it a vampire because the tree feeds on blood. It lives where ever a large battle took place, or an execution site- anywhere with lots of bloodshed. Other trees can’t see like that because they haven’t been demonized.

      Also, in future comments please do not post your info, we want you to stay safe. Thank you :)

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  4. that is the first i have ever heard of a tree that attacks/ kills people but it is kind of interesting. and i think this myth alo shows that if humans kill nature nature will come back and kill us, painfully it seems. but that is really coolio info and i hope i can see more posts like that.

  5. I had a dream yesterday. About a Jubokko tree
    (Which i found out after i had the dream it existed as i searched up the dream meaning of the tree)

    In the dream i was travelling with a group of shamans and the leader of the group had her arm burned.
    We were in a forest and we saw this tree and she pointed out and told me that was the ‘Vampire Tree’.

    She took the bark of the tree and on the bark was like a red sap (Blood) and she rubbed it against her burn as it started to heal.

    Strange dream. I was shocked to learn that it actually existed as a Yokai in Japanese Folklore. But i believe in elementals existing especially vampires, like we have psychic vampires existing with us (Usually a person you are with that drains you emotionally/Physically like making you tired etc).

    Meditations i usually have selenite seen with me and the moon. Selenite is the crystal to the Goddess, Selene which she is not only the Goddess of the Moon but also the Queen of Vampires.

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