The Truth About Real Vampires Today

Fanged creatures secretly prowl among us, lurking in obsidian shadows, quietly watching us from behind dark sunglasses, their narrowed gazes fixed upon luscious prey. The vampire’s excruciatingly sharp needle-like fangs flash under the moonlight as he grabs his victim, one hand over her mouth, the other tightly wound around her waist. He strikes deep and violently. The victim moans with ecstasy begging for more even as the tears stream down her cheeks. Really? Is this merely heart-throbbing fantasy? Are fictional vampire movies and books based in truth? What is pure fiction or folklore and what is not? If there is such a thing as vampires, what are they like? What is the vampire reality?

In the 1960’s, real vampire Houses were far underground and rarely known, even amongst the real vampire community. Occasionally, Satanist and Wiccan covens harbored a vampire member or two. In 1975, The Temple of Set (members are known as Setians), an offshoot of the Church of Satan, came into being and established The Order of the Vampyre. The Order of the Vampyre is still active and thriving to this day. There are many vampire organizations and sects that have arisen since the 1970’s, a few being the Temple of the Vampire, the Vampire Church, Temple UVUP, the Red Order of Set, the Ordo Azariel, the Aset Ka, the Black Order of the Dragon, and the Strigoi Vii.

There are numerous vampire Houses, Covens, Courts, Councils, and Halos. There are a few Houses and Councils in the United States who have blood ties to Eastern Europe. One Council dates their lineage to Vlad Tepes’ Order of the Dragon. For those who do not know, Vlad Tepes III (or Vlad Drakul) was the infamous Prince of Wallachia, also known as Count Dracula. The Tepes’ were known as the House of Drakul. Drakul means devil or dragon. This is of note as vampires have been known to be of the Devil himself in folklore.

Not all vampires belong to an organization. Many vampires, in fact, 75% according to the survey conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC, are Independents or Ronins ( Alas, not all vampires are Setians, Luciferians, Wiccans, Satanists, or any type of occultist for that matter. Vampires come from all walks, from Atheist to Christian to Zen Buddhist.

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance in conjunction with Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC have been researching real vampirism and the vampire community since 2005. Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC, a research group comprised of real vampires, conducted two surveys, one in 2006 that was answered by over 950 persons and a second in August 2006; these surveys are the Vampire and Energy Work Research Survey (VEWRS) and Advanced Vampirism and Energy Work Research Survey (AVEWRS), respectively. Over a three-year period, 1,450 surveys were completed with over 670,000 answered questions. Preliminary and final analysis of selected questions have been released through their website and in an academic paper by Joseph Laycock published in August 2010. Additional analysis continues as more correlations and future studies are being implemented in 2011-2012 (

It is important to note that vampire/vampyre is a self-determined label but a very apt one for today’s modern vampire subculture (Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism by Joseph Laycock). In the 1700’s, there were three unifying beliefs regarding vampires: 1) vampires were real, 2) vampires were bloodsuckers, and 3) vampires must be destroyed. The legendary archetype has evolved and today’s vampire is neither undead nor a murderer. The modern vampire is an individual who needs either blood or life force energy to maintain physical and mental health. Many vampires have willing donors. The vampire without a donor must rely on substitutes for fresh human blood such as rare steaks and the blood collected during the brief cooking process. Those who are psychic vampires feed in various ways, many by physical touch or by sexual relations with their donors. Some vampires can feed by astral visitation or dreamwalking.

Are you wondering how one becomes a vampire? I am sure you are. Only a few have claimed that they were turned or chose to become vampires. The overriding belief in the vampire community is that vampires are born as such and awaken during puberty although awakening can happen much later in life. Awakening is often a difficult process, with mood swings not unlike wild hormonal fluctuations. The sanguinarian (blood-drinking vampire) will have a strong and unrelenting craving for blood. He may gnash his teeth and chew the inside of his gums. Fortunately, there is support in the Online Vampire Community (OVC) as well as the real life community for those who are awakening. Sometimes a donor can be found but most Houses do require classes in anatomy, safe cutting techniques and after care. Testing for blood-borne pathogens is universally mandatory, requiring both vampires and donors to submit test results to the House leader about every three months.

Many vampires are nocturnal creatures but must be awake during daylight hours because of family or occupation. Don’t be surprised, however, if you see vampires online in the wee hours of the morning. Vampire chat rooms and radio are usually buzzing with activity during this time. Though there are a few who sleep in coffins, vampires generally prefer a comfy mattress. Sunlight and extremes of heat are a problem for many. Migraines and fatigue are very common.

Despite a few drawbacks, vampires are regal and beautiful creatures, often charismatic and gifted. They do not live forever but may age more slowly and gracefully than their non-vampire counterparts.

So, dear vampires, I invite you to respond with your own vampire reality. Are you sensitive to sunlight? Do you lurk at night? Do you sleep in a coffin? Please tell us what is unique about your own existence. Daring and intelligent readers, has this blog left you wanting more? Are you surprised by what you have learned? Do you look forward to interviews with real vampires and their donors?

Next: Interview with Merticus of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance

Special thanks to Merticus of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism by Joseph Laycock

By Kelly Redhead

Ptolema enjoys writing dark poetry, erotica, horror, and expository vampire and occult themes. She is also a Luciferian, impressionist painter and martial artist. Kelly is married and loves living in the country. She is mother to one daughter, one dog and various wildlife.


  1. I talked to a girl earlier today but have been the last few days she asked a lot of questions and tells me that vampires don’t use human technology then she asked me if he other questions about my age and my mental status and then after she did all that she said I was incapable of being at vampire she said that I wouldn’t survive in the community because of all the pain in my past she said I mi hurt myself and or others what do you guys think? Send me an email at

  2. This is not to the writer, first of all the babbling, the myths make me laugh and people claiming to be vampires poking people with knives. Ooooo you are definitely a vampire… Aren’t you?!?! No of course you aren’t you are blinded from the true reality. No one is born a vampire. You all who claim make me laugh! Only a TRUE vampire knows the reality, why do you think everything is so full of lies and myths created from the human mind. This is why it is so easy to hide. I am not going to comment long because over all it gets boring to read, but if you really want to know the truth rethink your own stinking reality and see what is truly to be seen.

    1. To the writer,
      The true vampire is a breed not a human hallucination like these so called “modern vampires” who use knifes and poke donors. The true vampire does have a darkness inside, however there is light shining through the outside. Vampires are protectors of the weak, and have been made into different clans (called that after the war began) after going into war with another breed the vampires created called the vampanieze. Can be translated in different terms you know how this world is today with language.. but anyways back to the truth. The job of vampires is to destroy the monster they created. The vampanieze were an experiment created by the vampires to make a super breed, however, they revolted and turned on the vampires. The vampanieze aren’t considered a vampire breed since they revolted. The vampanieze have many targets including humans and hunters.There are many myths and legends about vampires, but most of them are fake. People who claim they are a vampire and say they sparkle are fake. Vampires are definitely not blood sucking fairies.Vampires do sunburn easier but they don’t turn to ash or die. They can go to the beach and go swimming and even tan, as long as they have sun screen. Vampires have a reflection, how else would they be able to get ready in the mornings. They do show up in pictures. Vampires do age slower though. A 20 year old would look like a 16 or 17 year old, but we don’t live for 500 years. That’s crazy. Yes there is a breed that could live that long if they wanted to, but most choose a normal lifespan.
      Not all vampires are blood sucking killers of the night. The ones you see in movies and things are not considered vampires. Vampires are people/guardians that protect the humans from the other breeds.Most of them get the blood from everyday meats. Everything still has a little blood in it. Yes human blood is better than what they get out of an animal, but it’s our job to protect them. Sometimes a vampire will get a donor, but once you try human blood it’s hard to go back to animal blood. There’s nothing like feeding from the source.


        1. It is similar yes but not even that hold even the slightest up most seen truth the point is to interpret how do you think people even in groups such as the Masons keep there secrets.

          1. if you thank that vampire are rule you thank that ok i dont’t and vampire are not rule ok

      1. *slams head into desk repeatedly* Your stupidity astounds me. First and foremost (and this is to everyone), does no one read the traditional folklore? Everything I have read on these websites (typically for psychological study) points to the authors and commenters using their fantastical minds to re-interpret pop-culture films and novels into something that pleases them and their fantasies. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point is, read. Look into the very first accounts of vampirism. If vampires are real (which I do not deny, though evidence suggests otherwise) and they are an intelligent species, they wouldn’t be caught killing and documented as demons or monsters, they wouldn’t be documented at all! Even Bram Stoker’s Dracula still held true to the myths and folklore. The human turned had to die and loose it’s soul in his story, they were soulless shadows of themselves. Even then, the traditional folklore of vampires is far more wretched. Anyway, if you wish to identify yourself as a vampire and hold yourself as a vampire, I think that’s wonderful. Truly, in my opinion whatever makes you happy you should do so long as no one including yourself is hurt. The only thing I wish to stop is the endless childish bickering of who is right and who is wrong.

        1. haha you insolent full you are very very ignorant now aren’t you young one. folklore is meant to hide the truth. Why should i explain it to this insolence anyways the human mind is way to small to learn this apparently. You can read the folklore if you want a good laugh to everything but things are meant to be hidden for a reason maybe you should open your eyes

      2. how do you become one? I don’t know what’s been happening to me recently but it’s strange and honestly I never felt very humane in the first place so I’m just looking for help

    2. You can ruin someones childhood in just one look! You don’t believe because you haven’t seen. God may have not created them but they can be real and they are all not killers they can be religious and faithful and some can be murderers but if you don’t believe than fine go telll it to some other person and don’t ever get on this site again.

  3. I am a real, undead vampire. Many of us exist. I say again, we are undead, risen corpses. There is no modern vampire. They are simply humans pretending.

  4. Yes vampires are real. No not all vampires are murderers, but neither are all humans, yes we are up at 3am reading ignorant people’s comments on the Internet.

  5. If one might want to consider becoming a vampire, or turned rather to be turned …maybe knowing someplace from inside its their fate…but a long ago fate of a very old vampire race. At least if that’s what they see again & again in their dreams since they were a child. A female child hunted by a adoring male vamp. I know I love him & I think I’m finally ready for ever lasting love with him. How would reach out or join him again. I feel lost without him …I worry something has happened to him as its been awhile since my last visit…

  6. if u wont believe me then fine i am a half blood vamp i dont think alot of people know but i am serching for nakiema miller he is a half blood as well his (4x) grand mother moved to jamaica so that no one would know but i think nakiema is going to figure it out soon and when he dose we are all in danger he will tell people unintentionally please if there is any one who knows him please watch over him and dont let him do anything stupid his whereabouts are conteant st.mary jamaica plz just let him know that he cant tell any one

    1. ok nakiema you say athon thats a girlish name but if u tern it aruond you get ameikan they hid his name good but your gonna have to be more specific. is this the half blood


          1. As far as you are concerned. Watch your back changeling. You’re marked prey. I’ve been keeping my eye on you for awhile now. You are weak, pathetic, and a miserable excuse for your race. You are fortunate to have not been eradicated immediately.


        2. if you are wolfkin as you say you are, then act like it… you have no power here. you are a measly delta. ive had many fights with others like you and won easily. dont say another word without an alphas permission ever again. if you have an issue with that, go rogue so i can kill you myself, not like you’d survive long anyways. apologise NOW. ITS PATHETIC PUPS LIKE YOU THAT WE CANT KEEP ALLIANCES TRUE AND SACRED! Mind your place in this world and your pack.

          p.s. athonmiller, you and yours has protection of my pack as well as myself. Permanently.

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  8. i act like a vamipe and the truth is that vampirs dont dreak blood because am one of them and you are all lying atbout vampire we have super streanth and super speed and we can fly and make other peaple do what ever we want but the truth is that you humans dont know us to be saying i whant to be a vampire well lat me tell you this it is not easy so STOP!

  9. There is no reliable evidence any vampire “house” pre-dated the 1970s, little alone having any connection to the Order of the Dragon, which had nothing to do with vampires.

  10. I have read and researched a very long time. I’ve done DNA tests and worked with genealogist … Turns out my DNA is more closely related to khemet and my other side of the family Berber… Anywho I was able to visit Aswan and Libya and meet some of my family “elders”… Apparently we come from one of if not the only, longest and oldest uninterrupted lines long before any European “coven” … No I’m not pale, nor do I dress in all black or have a funky goth look, I’m not morbid, I don’t listen to rock, metal, or acid… I prefer nature and I tend to heal things I love. My father said I was born beautiful and without fear and able to draw life to me… Maybe I’ll run into some others like us (meaning my family, husband, and children)… I live in Pennsylvania

  11. the vampires most think of today are a very old version of the truth as it exists presently. romanticized by far, the ancients were an instinctively strong, but sickly creature. allergic to sunlight and therefore nocturnal by force of nature, we developed in survival abilities as a wild animal would. anemic and in need of consistent blood transfusion or consumption. DNA evolves as blood lines combine. some of our traits persist. a likeness and energy for the night. a gifted speed in mind and body. time has shed the weaknesses and some of the strengths in exchange for our perfectly adapted human condition. although we are not as brightly cursed as the pop cultured media would have it, we certainly have continued on and let me remind you that we all desire love and peace among all creatures of the universe. newly hearted and kindly among you.

    with love,

  12. Okay this is my opinion vampires are real just becues people don’t see does not mean they are not out there and there will always be a deffince between movies and the real thing this world is a big place so anything can be out there

  13. i would love to meet a sexy female vampire and have her take me and make me her blood slave and let me have what she has.

  14. Hello EveryOne,

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  15. Hello my name is Xavier and I am woundering where I can learn more of an in-depth history and the truths behind the history of vampires and what it truly means to not only be but also become a vampire. I don’t know what it is about it but I have always been drawn not only to beings such as vampires but any being or godly figure ever since I was young. But I guess I was never comfortable enough with my self to try to maybe see why until now so if anybody might be able to think of something that might help me possibly understand why I feel this way I would greatly appreciate it thank you so very much for your time and consideration.

  16. What i say now is going to be a disappointment to most. You must be born a ‘witch'(you don’t choose,you are chosen) becoming a werewolf,vampire is a natural progression. But if you choose you can become a witch,for this to happen a real witch must turn you and there are many rituals needed to invite the spirits. You must have the integrity of your convictions. In other words, not being afraid of the christian concept of hell & burning therein should you die. Then what you will is not always meant for you(Your higher self may reject Satan)If you are unable to cope with what you will learn and cannot stomach murder etc. You will go insane.You cannot uncross the line you have crossed. The spirits know all & will only communicate with spiritually adept persons. The Hollywood fantasy has just about nothing in common with the reality.

  17. I always turn to vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a vampire kingdom by given me their email. if you want to become a powerful vampire kindly contact the vampire kingdom on their Email:

  18. Personally I think that far too many of these VW(vampire wannabes) have read too much Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer, or comic books like Marvel’s “Tomb of Dracula”(1972-79)! They fantasize about immortality but as one wag put it, don;t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. As I think ms Rice (whom I met once) would put it- “Get a life, NOT an unlife!”

  19. Dear Kelly,

    Most “vampire organizations” are simply cults. Real vampires do drink blood, and we need it to remain healthy. There are no fancy powers such as shapeshifting or outward memorization. If you shoot me in the head, I will die, because I am not immortal. I have no fangs, no claws, or flawless sparkly skin.

    If you saw me in the streets you’d think me a junkie with a dark aura. Most posers want to be godly charismatic beings, and not the horrid counterparts encountered in Dracula or Varney the Vampyre. To be a vampire is to be a beast who walks as a man, imperfectly perfect. Some would sacrifice their well-being and sanity for a chance at our power, exchanging their blood with us. There is no need for elaborate rituals, or the complete draining of blood, only the small tablespoon.

    Atieno; The Stranger.

    1. Agree, only it is difficult to find a true vampire willing to exchange blood for a friendship. Further not one prancing around like a Hollywood clown.

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