The Urn: Dracula of the Apes by G. Wells Taylor

“Dracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began…”

I know you’re probably thinking the same thing I was when I first saw this: “What the absolute f*ck?” Um, apes… or gorillas, and… Dracula…? But no! It works! The story is actually interesting, I promise, and this is part of a trilogy: imagine, Dracula, out there as dust and ashes, decapitated and destroyed by Van Helsing and that Harker asshole. 

So this gypsy, Horvat, heads out to restore Dracula’s ashes by storing his ashes somewhere weird and bathing the urn in blood, but! on his way out to who knows where, he’s blown off course, and ends up in the jungles of darkest coastal Africa, after a mean shipwreck. And then it’s all kinds of crazy, epistolary action from there: Horvat’s letters and journal compose most of the book. …I actually really want to read and review this. It sounds like… really ridiculous, but hey, it could be really interesting too. Anyone else out there feeling like Dracula living amongst apes could be cool?

By annimi

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