The Vampire Archives

This has got to be one of the best kinds of vampire books – one that has tons of stories in it! It’s official name is The Vampire Archives: The Most Complete Volume of Vampire Tales Ever Published. And if the book is as thorough as its title, it’s sure to be!

The book includes 86 different tales, poems, and short stories (both fictional and non-fictional.) Among these stories are some of the older works such as Dracula’s Guest as well as newer stuff, such as The Lovely Lady by D.H. Lawrence. Even Anne Rice and Lord Byron make an appearance in the book. But the one that I’m most excited about? That’s got to be the story Popsy by my fave author, Stephen King. The entire book was put together by Otto Penzler, who from the sounds of it, did a brilliant job of mixing only the very greatest vampire stories into one full, complete anthology! Plus, mingled in amongst these we’ll also be able to find some history and fun facts on vampires. The complete volume, indeed!

But in case you need some help breaking it all down, the book is divided up into sections for you. 13 sections, of course. These sections start with “Pre-Dracula” and include a section for poems, vampires from different regions, and different types of vampires, such as psychic vampires. And, if you’re still not feeling full after this reading, an entire bibliography of vampire books wraps it up at the end.

This book is truly something that every vampire fan needs. I am most excited about the King story, but I love the idea that someone has actually compiled everything all in one place for us – history, trivia, short stories, poems, and a full list of even more reading! What more could we possibly ask for?


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  3. Wow! Although I loathe Stephen Dung… er, King, other writers sound good! Has it story from Newman? I remember reading his positive blurb about book which featured his own story! D

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