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The Vampire Batman Funko

This is the version of Batman from the RED RAIN graphic novel series, although I’m glad to report that it doesn’t look all that much (or at all) like the way Batman is drawn in those comics. (Sorry, I’m just not a fan of Kelly Jones’ overexaggerated artwork.) It does, however, look even better than I had expected. The photographs didn’t do it justice. When I opened the package that the UPS deliveryman had so politely left out in the rain on my porch step (three more steps and the package would have been on the porch and shielded from the rain!), I was awed by the beauty of the figure. (For those who might be concerned, the package inside the package, the Funko box itself, managed to survive without getting wet.)

I’m a sometimes open-box collector. Meaning I open my Funko figures, some of them, and let them breathe fresh air. They look great standing on a bookshelf. This one is staying inside the box. The box itself is just too pretty not to keep and display.

RED RAIN (along with its sequels, BLOODSTORM and CRIMSON MIST), wherein Batman fights Dracula and is turned into a vampire in the process—yet still remains Batman*, only now he’s a Batman with vampiric powers—qualifies for a feature-length animated film, with theatrical release, like they did for THE KILLING JOKE. (THE BATMAN VS. DRACULA from 2005 is good but it diverges too much from the comics story to be considered a true adaptation.) Get on that DC!

*In the two comics sequels, Batman does slowly become more “evil” or vampire-like, killing the longtime foes in his rogue’s gallery. But he’s still Batman at his core, just a more predatory version.

TheCheezman • September 13, 2019

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