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I like that term, “alphabettery.” I’d never heard it before. My spellcheck tells me it doesn’t exist. Might Anne Rice have made it up, the way Shakespeare used to make up words to suit his needs? The term seems to predate Ms. Rice, being an antiquated term, having to do with printing. But try finding any use of the word not associated with Anne Rice. Go ahead. Try. I’ll wait. Open a new browser window and do a quick search. See what I mean?

Okay. Enough etymology for today. What I really wanted to tell you is that there will be an alphabettery (spellcheck still says it doesn’t exist) released to complement (i.e. cash-in on) Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES series of books and (hopefully) soon-to-be television series. According to this article from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the alphabettery will be “an annotated cosmology of Anne Rice’s Vampiredom”. So it’s just another, fancier term for a guide. That’s cool. I’m down with it.

The alphabettery will be released in late October. There’s still no word on when we can expect to see the TV show.

I could do some more research, trying to discover the exact origin of the term “alphabettery,” but honestly, do you care?

TheCheezman • June 15, 2018

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