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Phooey. I don’t actually know just how much of a delay this will end up causing, how much of a problem it will end up being, but it for sure won’t get the upcoming series, based on the novels of Anne Rice, into production any sooner. Supposed-to-be-showrunner Bryan Fuller (having previously worked on AMERICAN GODS and HANNIBAL) is no longer associated with the project. No replacement has been named.

At least the script for the pilot episode has been completed. Said script was written by Christopher Rice, son of Anne, with whom he will share duties as an executive producer. It’s a safe bet that the adaptation will be up to Ms. Rice’s specifications, on paper at least. But when can we expect them to get those cameras rolling? Not anytime soon, I’m afraid.

As far as what everyone REALLY wants to know–who will be playing what character–it’s way too soon to even conjecture. I feel fairly confident in going out on the proverbial limb and saying that it won’t be Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, nor will Kirsten Dunst be involved. Miscasting of any of the primary characters could sink the whole project, but by far the most important cast member is going to be Lestat. If they get that part wrong, the show won’t work. Fortunately, again, we have Anne and Chris involved, and we can expect them to have some say over who gets the part.

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TheCheezman • May 20, 2018

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