‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale Spoilers: There’s Gonna Be a Flash Forward

Elena’s time on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is coming to an end in just five (gasp!) episodes, but that doesn’t  mean we won’t necessarily see where she ends up! With the prospect of the cure being right…

Okay, so, all this talk of cures and other shit… and of course Nina Dobrev is actually leaving the show… so I’m pretty sure I can offer an educated guess as to what is going to happen. There’s one cure, there’s one girl all the vampire guys are torturing themselves over, and no one wants a doppelganger for anything anymore… so Elena is basically pretty safe. Her brother is off living his life somewhere, and my guess is that the cure if forced on her by one or both of the Salvatore brothers, and Elena turns human.

The only other person who is human, who is also single, and has had an emotional bond with Elena is Matt; they were dating and together before the vampire thing, it stands to reason they would date after. So maybe after the cure, the vampires glamour the shit out of Elena, and Matt, and send them off to go live happily ever after. Personally, I think that’s sort of an irresponsible decision, considering that Elena knows how to protect herself at this point, and should keep that knowledge, should she ever need it for some reason, outside of Mystic Falls, –the friends and lovers in town are probably going to send her off somewhere nice. At least we get to find out how she ends up. Sigh. God. This is such… crap. I’m going to bawl over this episode, and as far as I’m concerned, this is basically the death of the show for me. 

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