The Vampire Diaries Season 1, Episode 10

P1Despite the last episode tying pretty much everything up, and introducing a couple new characters, this episode was pretty action packed. Logan is turned down an invitation, –thank god, since Logan is dead. He grabs a jogger for a snack, and heads out for the night. Jeremy Gilbert is reading and learning more about the Gilbert family, and his ancestor’s vampire fascination, and begins drawing again, –drawing vampires. Stefan and Elena are still on the outs, because Stefan still wants to move, until the Salvatore brothers find out another vampire is up and running around again. Before the big discovery, Stefan and Damon were making plans to leave, –and separately, though Damon is reluctant.

The sheriff is enlisting Damon’s help, while her daughter Caroline is still nursing a blossoming friendship with Matt Donovan. Seems like everyone is in a state or limbo until Logan is discovered as the new vampire. Damon and Stefan now have to stay in town to eradicate the rabid vampire problem; this means more Stefan and Elena time. Damon uses Caroline and the compass to track Logan down, and ends up shot full of wooden bullets, and completely blank as to who turned Logan into a vampire, –because it wasn’t him, Stefan, Vickie, or Lexi. We-eird. So was it the new guy, Alaric? Either way, Logan is very cranky and very curious about the Salvatore’s day-walking abilities.

P3The shit hits the fan at Career Day: Matt gets all soulful and talkative with Elena, and Caroline sees, –maybe not the best move, buddy. Jeremy starts trying to make up with Tyler Lockwood who isn’t at all interested. After a brief scuffle, Mayor Lockwood takes the boys outside and tries to force them to fight it out. Tyler and Jeremy are rescued by Alaric, –the new history teacher. Inside the school, Logan shows up to stir some shit up, alerting Stefan, who calls Damon, –Damon is severely pissed after being shot. Everyone who knows about Logan’s death, the sheriff and the “Council”, Stefan, Damon, are all in hot pursuit. Elena connects the dots when she hears about Logan trying to insist on an invitation from Aunt Jenna the night before.

Logan takes off after he unsuccessfully tries to threaten Stefan for the secret of walking in daylight, and Elena gets the explanation from Stefan. Logan snatches Caroline, and drives off with her unconscious in the car, but it isn’t long before he’s intercepted by Damon and Stefan. Stefan takes Caroline home and leaves Damon to kill Logan, –the sheriff is on her way after Damon radios her from the CB in Logan’s SUV. Damon lets Logan go however, when he tells the crow-bar wielding vampire that there’s another way to break the spell on the tomb under the old church.

P5While Tyler punches Jeremy for trying to reconcile with him, and the new guy Alaric somehow manages to kill Logan in the parking lot of the building where he’s been stashing his victims, –Elena is driving Stefan home. And they get biz-zay! Yup, looks like Stefan and Elena are back on track. But not for long. While Stefan is fetching Elena an after-sex glass of water, Elena wanders around Stefan’s room and sees the photo of Katherine. Uh-oh. Elena takes off, leaving the vervain necklace behind, and drives like a lunatic down the road away from Stefan’s home. She slams into some psycho, standing in the middle of the road, and her car flips, –the figure on the road stands and approaches her. Then they leave us hanging!

That bites; aren’t we all dedicated enough? They could have told us what happened! We would have tuned in next week if they had told us! Damn it! All right, rant over. I don’t know about you guys, but I was really worried about Damon there, –and what’s the deal with the whole other way to break the spell on the tomb? And the other vampires who want to open it? Why? Maybe Katherine was important to more vampires than just Stefan and Damon. I suspect Alaric, –what the hell was with him killing Logan? Seems like a pretty bold move, and besides, it didn’t look like he was using any real vampire powers to kill Logan. Though he must have known what Logan was when he killed him.

P7Maybe Alaric isn’t a vampire, just a weird vampire hunter type. He might look all sweet and innocent, the rugged puppy-dog face, etc., but I dunno. I think the whole good guy routine is laid on a little too thick to mean anything except  raging undercover psycho. On the other hand, maybe it was Alaric that Elena smashed with her car, or a totally new different vampire! God, I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m practically salivating. Plus, I wonder what the hell Elena is going to say to Stefan if she survives her little rendezvous with the crazy vampire she hit with her car. I almost forgot that Elena had no clue that she and Katherine were practically identical. Don’t worry, we’ll be the first to let you know what happens next week!

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