The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 11

Finally! God, months without the Vampire Diaries, and for what? Those lazy Hollywood jerk-offs. And the last episode was left at such a crazy cliff-hanger! Gosh! Elena Gilbert, trapped under her wrecked car, while a vampire advances, –but Damon shows up, and saves the day, freeing her from the vehicle. The second Damon shows, the advancing vampire instantly takes off, and Damon carries Elena off. And to think all this could have been avoided by just taking time to cool off that temper; remember, Elena sped off after seeing the photo of Katherine for the first time.

Apparently, that Alaric Saltzman guy is in Mystic Fall because he has a vendetta against vampires, particularly Damon, –there’s a whole series of touchy-feely flashbacks, where Alaric is pictured with his wife. Then later, we see Damon munching on his wife in one of these flashbacks. Now we know what Alaric’s deal is, but we’re still kinda vague on why he has that family ring, like Stefan and Damon.

The next morning Elena wakes up with Damon in his car, and surprise! they’re in Georgia. After some argument, Elena gets off her high horse, and calms down, after she gets to ignore a phone call from a very worried Stefan. This gets Stefan all bent out of shape, and he takes off to find Elena’s best friend, Bonny can use her power to tell him where Elena is. Bonny tries but can’t do it, because her magic is blocked by something psychological, as her grandmother explains. To face her fear, Bonny goes back to the church ruins where she was possessed by her ancestor Emily, and the crystal was destroyed.

Damon is still trying to find a way to unlock the tomb full of icky mummified vampires, including Katherine. Hence the trip to Georgia, where he meets a long lost romantic interest, Bree, consequently a witch, whom he hopes can figure out how to unlock Katherine’s tomb. Bree claims there’s no way to unlock it, –but something weird is going on with her. At Katherine’s tomb, Bonnie is trying to erase her mental block, when she senses someone watching her. Before she has time to properly flip out, the ground collapses, and Bonny is face to face with the door to Katherine’s tomb.

Stefan, still looking for Bonny; shows up at her grandmother’s house. Bonny’s grandmother know Stefan is a vampire, and tells him that she does trust him to keep Bonny safe, after explaining how he can find Bonny. Stefan takes off to help Bonny, while back in Georgia, Elena is trying to get plastered with the grown-ups. Add contributing to the delinquency of a minor to Damon’s long list of crimes. There’s a brief conversation about how Elena could possibly be identical to Katherine. Then Aunt Jenna calls, and Elene takes off to talk to her. Someone grabs her, and she drops her phone.

Damon takes off to find Elena, and gets the ass-kicking of his life from another vampire, who promptly dumps gasoline all over him, and gets ready to set him on fire. It’s Alexi’s boyfriend, grief-crazed, and ready to fry Damon for killing her. Elena manages to talk Alexi’s boyfriend out of killing Damon. Damon rips Bree’s heart out of her chest for betraying him, –even after she’s told him that it’s possible to unlock Katherine’s tomb if he uses Emily’s grimoire. But he has to find it first.

In Mystic Falls, Stefan finally shows up to save Bonny, and brings her back to her grandmother’s house, –apparently, Stefan used to know her, back when she was “Sheila”. Later, Stefan and Elena have a long heartfelt talk, –and a couple important things are revealed. One, it was Stefan who saved Elena from her parents’ sunken car, and bam! Elena was adopted. Aunt Jenna is pissed when Elena gets home, but not for long, –Elena throws her adoption in Jenna’s face, and heads upstairs. At the ‘Mystic Grill’ Alaric sets eyes on Damon, where we get another flashback, showing Alaric’s memory of Damon killing his wife.

Throughout all of this, Jeremy has been piecing together the history of Mystic Falls, which means delving into vampire related subject matter. He makes a new friend in the library; a girl approximately around his age, and they get to studying the similarities of their ancestors’ journals. Most likely, their ancestors were members of the vampire hunting posse, with misguided, and well-meaning intentions. It’s nice to see him around a decent looking girl again; with any luck, she won’t turn out to be some kind of raging supernatural psycho.

I like that Damon and Elena are getting closer, because Damon is hotter, more hardcore, and has the better sense of humor. But as their relationship seems to brighten a little bit, Damon’s list of past and present crimes just gets longer, and longer. I’m kind of nervous to see whether or not he’ll survive the rest of the season. Gosh I hope so. Usually, just as things look like they’re turning up, something horrible happens. That’s how they keep us hanging over the edge, waiting for the next show! I’ll be there next week, with all the details on the latest episode.

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