The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Episode 12

The vampire that almost attacked Elena in the last episode  poses as a pizza guy for an invitation inside Elena’s house. Stefan gives Elena vervain, and vervain jewelry for her family and friends. She gives out the jewelry, but after a creepy phonecall, Stefan also gives Elena the vampire compass so she can detect her stalker. Caroline and Matt are getting a little closer, but Matt is also learning the grand trade of bus-boy at the Mystic Grill, which is a serious blow to his self-esteem.

I’m just going to lay the whole subplot out right here; Matt is insecure, and Caroline has a big mouth. You do the math. Eventually, when Caroline’s foot lands in her mouth, they have a fight, and argue a little over Matt’s decision to forego the next level of their relationship. Caroline walks out, Matt follows, and they kiss! It’s really sweet, but a lot happens in this episode, so focus! On the other side of subplot land, Bonnie is feeling the heat, and is kinda getting interested in the bartender at the Grill; Ben. Bonnie asks him out, which is her way of encouraging Caroline with Matt. Likewise, Jeremy’s new friend Anna is getting more interested, but Jeremy is feeling stalked.

Elena and Jenna finally talk about Elena’s real parents. Jenna only knows the basic story: Mr. Gilbert was leaving the office, a 16 year old runaway, Isabelle, arrived in labor. Mr. Gilbert found her a place to stay, but Isabelle disappeared, leaving the baby behind. Mr. Gilber, a doctor, did all necessary paperwork, and kept the new baby quiet. Speaking of Katherine, Damon is looking for Emily’s grimoire, so Bonnie is the first stop that Damon makes to find it. The bartender at the Grill breaks up Bonnie and Damon’s little talk, and Damon goes back to his father’s journal to find the grimoire. Stefan offers to help Damon, but Damon isn’t ready to trust Stefan’s reason; he just wants Damon to leave.

The strange, new vampire attacks Elena while she’s getting ready for the 50’s theme dance, but Stefan saves the day. Damon and Stefan decide that all they should go to the dance and try to catch the vampire, because now that he’s been invited in, he can’t be allowed to roam free. Jenna and Alaric hook up at the dance to, as chaperones, and get into a conversation about Alaric’s dead wife, –guess what her name was? Isabelle, –dun dun dun. Jenna makes the connection immediately. The new vampire is also hanging around. Elena’s brother is on punch duty at the dance too, so the whole gang is here, in one place, packed in for major drama potential.

Elena’s friends don’t think much of her hanging around with Stefan and Damon, but Elena brushes them off, –since Damon is hot, who cares? The creepy vampire in the hoodie is watching the scene, you know, acting malevolent. Meanwhile, Anna shows up to stalk Jeremy some more, and offers to help with punch duty. Anna is also getting impatient to see Jeremy’s ancestor’s journal. And when she does, she gets a little frustrated, –look at that, Jeremy’s new friend is a vampire! She takes off, to get whatever it is, out of her eye. And speaking of people who get too overzealous in their questions, Alaric accidently gets a little too interested in Damon, when they talk for a moment. Remember, Alaric knows it was Damon who killed his wife, –a woman named Isabelle, who might be Elena’s biological mother. Damon senses the interrogation, and Alaric backs off.

Anna and the guy stalking Elena, Noah, not only know each other, but they’re also seeking to free Katherine, –and the reason Noah wants to screw with her, is because she looks so much like Katherine. Noah leads Damon and Stefan off the mark, by letting some other guy wear his hoodie, and meanwhile, takes off after Elena. Elena runs, is cornered, but puts up a surprisingly good fight with sharpened pencils. Stefan and Damon show up in the nick of time, of course, and torture Noah for information. He tells them that Johnathan Gilbert’s journal holds the answers for finding the grimoire, –but refuses to tell Damon and Stefan who he’s working with.

Anna watches, then takes off. Alaric also ssees the confrontation, and Damon takes off to find out what Alaric saw. Damon attempts to ‘compel’ him to tell the truth, but despite Alaric’s answers, as Damon walks away, –he is seen clutching a vervain bloom in his fist. Stefan offers again to help Damon find a way to open the tomb. Damon hesitantly agrees, but with some doubts. And he should have, since Stefan tells Elena later that he was lying. The evening winds down with Alaric asking Jenna out, and her accepting. And with the discovery of who else Anna is working with, –remember the cute bartender that Bonnie’s interested in? Yep, that’s Anna’s boyfriend.

A lot happens this episode, new characters are revealed, and one them dies; too bad. Noah was hot! Not as hot as Damon, but oh well. Hopefully, Damon doesn’t end up like Boone in Lost, –that would suck fiercely. FYI, if you’re not a Lost fan, Boone is played by the same actor as Damon, and he dies in the first season. Also, what’s with Damon calling the new vamp a dickhead? Is that a word that’s allowed on TV now? I didn’t think CW was a cable channel. Elena and Stefan lying to Damon about something as important to him as Katherine, is bullshit.

He deserves to have -somebody-, allbeit maybe not, Katherine, Evil Queen of the Mummy Vampires, but someone nice. Like Elena, who can keep him on track. Oh well. The thing is, the whole ‘lying to Damon’ thing, is definitely a grenade waiting to go off. It’s incredibly mean. I do sense that at some point, Katherine is going to get out, and when she does, the shit will hit the fan. I don’t think she’ll be out very long, –but this stuff is probably going to go on during the second season, if they have one, and hopefully, they do!

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