The Vampire Diaries Season 1, Episode 13

This episode starts with a great example of what a bitch Katherine was back in the day; and quickly segues into blatant morning cuddles between Stefan and Elena. They’re either full-on screwing, or just ‘snuggling’. Either way, Damon is too excited to wait until they get moving on their own, and quickly dishes out the to-do list for finding Emily’s grimoire.

Another flashback reveals that Anna is the daughter of Pearl, a more savvy friend of Katherine’s; while they look for the journal, so follow Elena and Stefan. Elena has some misgivings about lying to Damon, but Stefan reassures her, –despite the dirty moves. The search quickly brings both interested parties to Alaric Saltzman, Jeremy’s history teacher, –who’s busy hunting Damon, and flipping through Johnathan Gilbert’s journal for answers about vampires in Mystic Falls.

At the school, Alaric reveals his purpose to Stefan, –both Stefan and Anna are at the school seeking the journal, when Alaric whips out what appears to be a modified potato launcher that shoots stakes. He almost shoots Stefan, but he catches it, takes the weapon, and sits Alaric down for a heart to heart, man talk session. While Alaric spills the beans, about why he’s in Mystic Falls, Anna has snatched the journal, but can’t find anything in it about the grimoire yet.

Another flashback dredges up more details from the past; Johnathan Gilbert’s crush on Anna’s mother Pearl, Katherine’s desire to stay and cange the Salvatore brothers, the public outcry and demand to kill off the vampires feeding on the town. Damon is busy getting Jenna trashed, and cooking her dinner, as Elena watches for the fun to unfold, –but Stefan is busy dealing with Alaric. Alaric reveals his desire to find out what happened to missing, and most likely dead, wife, but Stefan warns him not to screw around with Damon, who’d kill him on principle.

In a moment of uncharacteristic sincerity, Damon asks Elena if he can trust Stefan… Elena lies to him, and answers yes, –and to draw an excellent comparison, there’s a flashback to more of Katherine’s scheming. Damon warns Elena about his desire to free Katherine, which is moving, because he does believe in his love for her, –but probably not as moving as the cute scene where he’s playing video games and talking girls with Jeremy.

Stefan shows up and fills in Damon and Elena about the missing journal, –but not about why Alaric’s in town, –though Damon is already suspicious. Meanwhile, Bonnie’s date, the ex-jock bartender now vampire, milks her for info about Elena. Damon hauls Jeremy off to the Grill to get more info on the situation with Anna–where he subsequently discovers Anna’s identity, while Stefan lets Elena in on his big secret; he’s got the copy Alaric made of the journal. Poor Bonnie on the other hand, is head over heels for Anna’s little helper, the bartender, that she’s with at the Grill.

Just as Stefan has the epiphany pinpointing the journal in his father’s grave, Damon is attacking Anna at the hotel room. Stefan and Elena head out with shovels, and while they dig up his dad, he reminisces about his father discovering Katherine as a vampire by feeding him vervain. Back at the hotel, Damon sets off on his own to find the grimoire, despite Anna’s offer of help, –she wants the tomb opened as well, presumably to free her mother, Pearl.

A somewhat more saucy Bonnie meanwhile, is performing a sneak attack kiss on the jock baretender/vampire, –and through contact, just figured out what he was. Uh oh. Bonnie tries to ditch him, but he snatches her before she can make a break for it. Back at the open grave, the terrible twosome finally strike oil, –or in their case, Stefan’s dad’s coffin. And of course, just as they discover the grimoire, Damon shows up, plenty pissed off about them screwing him over. Damon is more hurt over Elena lying to him than Stefan, since he expected Stefan to lie.

Damon goes for Stefan’s only weak spot, –he forces Elena to drink his blood and threatens to snap her neck, thus making her a vampire, if Stefan destroys the book. The ploy works, and Stefan trades the book for Elena, and the two scurry off. Damon takes the grimoire, and remembers the day Katherine was ‘muzzled’ and taken away. At Elena’s house, Stefan admits to Elena that he was the one who revealed that Katherine was a vampire, and his fault that Katherine was captured. But the second he leaves her alone, Anna, who was at the house with Jeremy, snatches her and disappears.

Wow, what a massive cliffhanger! The thing is, I bet those two idiot vampires are going to attempt to trade Bonnie and Elena for the grimoire. Except, Damon has the grimoire, and he’s pissed off at Elena and Stefan, so I doubt he’ll be in a very giving mood. I’m still kind of pissed off at Elena too, to be honest. He asked her, honestly, and all, -sweetly-, if he could trust Stefan, because he -genuinely- wanted to, and she flat out lied to him. What a total bitch! I think eventually, the tomb will get opened, but as far as what will come out.. eh, might just be a bunch of vampire crusty bits blowing on the wind by then.

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