The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 14

Well, the little subplot between Matt and Caroline is moving along at a snail’s pace, but besides that, things are definitely picking up. As predicted, Elena was snatched, along with Bonnie, in order to make a trade: the grimoire for Elena. The difference is, that despite all manner of begging from Stefan, Damon isn’t going for it. While Elena and Bonnie hang out in a hotel room with Anna and her douchebag boyfriend, Damon tries to get Bonnie’s grandmother to open the door to Katherine’s tomb. No cigar. Jeremy Gilbert, meanwhile, is getting more and more pitiful as time goes on.

Despite eventually getting convinced to going out to ‘Duke’s party’, he chooses to bring Anna as his date. Guess where the big party is? Right in the old cemetery, next to the church ruins, where underneath, about two dozen hungry vampires are about to pour forth, should the vampires involved have their way. Stefan went to Gram’s house and figured out where Elena and Bonnie were via a “simple locator spell”, then busts them out of the hotel room where Anna and her undead jock were holding them hostage.  After cutting through all the drama, Bonnie and her grandmother agree to open the tomb so that Damon can get Katherine and leave.

The only thing is, Damon isn’t in the mood to work together with everybody, so Elena collects herself, and goes to convince Damon that they won’t betray him again. Elena doesn’t apologize exactly, but she does persuade Damon that she will help him get Katherine out of the tomb. Damon puts his trust in her once again, and they head out to the tomb to meet Bonnie, her grandmother, Stefan, and his big flamethrower. Over at the big cemetery bash, Jeremy and Anna head off into the woods, where within thirty seconds, they kiss, she says she’s leaving, and her other boyfriend smashes him on the head with a crowbar.

Anna packs up Jeremy to take him off to the tomb, but she ends up having to deal with Stefan. The door to the tomb is open, and Damon hauls Elena in with him, for leverage against Bonnie and her grandmother just closing the door again. Everybody’s in the tomb; Anna, Damon, Elena, –Anna forces Elena to give blood to her mother, which of course, brings some screams from Elena, which brings Stefan a’runnin’ in. Problem with that is, there’s a seal still on the tomb, even if the door is open. The seal keeps the vampires from leaving, so Damon, Stefan, Anna, and her mother, are trapped.

But Elena can leave. Bonnie convinces her grandmother to break the seal long enough for everyone to get out, but Damon is freaking out, because Katherine isn’t in the tomb. Anna and her mother disappear into the night, promising to leave Jeremy alone, and giving directions to where he is. Outside, the witches are having some serious issues, –the spell is taking a lot out of both Bonnie, and her grandmother. They manage to keep the spell going strong, while Elena goes in and convinces Damon to leave the tomb, even though Katherine isn’t in there.

Damon, Elena, and Stefan make it outside, and there’s a really sweet moment where a heartbroken Damon gets a hug from Elena. Elena takes care of Jeremy, who says he thought he passed out, before she takes off to Bonnie’s. Apparently though, his recent encounter with Anna has only fueled his fascination with vampires. Damon is waiting for Anna and her mother, angry enough to rip them both to pieces; he accuses Anna of knowing that Katherine wasn’t there. Her mother says that Katherine escaped because she promised the guard she’d turn him, and Anna continues that Katherine was last seen in Chicago, in the 80’s.

She apologizes, telling him that Katherine knew all along where Damon was, that she just didn’t care enough to find him. Damon leaves, and is joined by Stefan at their home, in front of the fire. Presumably, there’s a modicum of male bonding. Elena, Bonnie and her grandmother spend the night together, but the spell weakened her grandmother, and killed her. Altogether, a very sad episode; not only does Jeremy lose yet another girl, but he also seems to be getting a little too obsessed with the whole vampires thing. This episode had nothing at all to do with Alaric Saltzman, so the next episode, we ought to be seeing more of him.

The whole Katherine thing, whoa, I didn’t see that coming at all. Now I’m almost positive, there’s going to be a big Katherine/Damon/Stefan/Elena bash at some point in the future. I also think that after Bonnie’s grandmother dying because of the strain of performing a spell to save Damon and Stefan, that Bonnie is going to be a little less sympathetic with the vampire plight in the future. And what’s the deal with the vampire popping out of the tomb at the end? Damon was all upset, he didn’t know that bursting his little blood bag would wake up an angry, Civil War-era vampire. But he’s up, and looks like he’s feeling frisky.

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  3. I’m thinking Katherine will show up and mess with Elena’s friends and family by pretending to be her. It’s kinda the classic cliche storyline. I’m hoping they don’t go that route, but I am assuming they will.

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  5. I want to see the next episode, it is so cool… I am so sorry because of damon… hhis little heart is broken because of Katherine and I hope. he forgets her… Maybe he falls in love with Elena because he is trusting her an no one else…
    sorry for the badly english, I come from germany :D

  6. Can’t wait to see the next episode! Does anyone know when it airs?
    I thought I read something about march 25th?
    If that’s true… It will be a long, long wait…:-S

  7. i think damon is already in love with elana because he wants everything to be real with her. everybody has in them were they love the good and the bad. elana is easily loved by everyone.

  8. Well, I too think that Damon will fall for Elena. I’ve read all the books and I’m waiting for the next one coming out on March 16 2010. I think there’s this deep side in Damon that happens to be a good person, and Elena seems to be the only one who sees the good in him.

  9. i 2 think tat kathryn will mess with elena’s friends….i think she might try 2 kill elena bcuz both the salvator bros r fallin 4 elena and ha gotten oer kathryn. well, i think damon mite not care about kathryn bcuz she didn’t about him..and she had sooooo long 2 find and new where he was but just didn’t wanna bother…….i cant wait till episode 15!!! does any1 no if there will be a second season? btw, i luv Elena’s fashion sense….can some1 tell me where they get the clothes 4 Elena? i luv Nina Dobrev….where does she buy her clothes?

  10. Well, I don’t know where Nina Dobrev gets her clothes, but I know that for sure there will be a season two of The Vampire Diaries cause there’s a lot of books from them. I recommend that you read them cause they’re really good.


  12. No, the books are really good. Especially cause Damon is technically over Katherine and always trying to get Elena. But of course, the show is AMAZING!!!

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