The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Episode 17

A lot happens in this episode, –it’s busy, and thank god, it’s the end of bullshit filler silliness. At least, not so much filler in this episode. As it turns out, Pearl isn’t really interested in killing a bunch of people; she wants to re-assimilate the vampire population in Mystic Falls, without really causing a lot of uproar. But unfortunately, Frederic has other plans. The vampires from the tomb all believe that it was Stefan’s fault they were locked in the tomb, plus, Stefan killed Beth-Ann. While Pearl is in town checking into how many people are wearing vervain, Frederic captures Stefan while he’s out hunting.

Damon finds Elena, who is quite irate, and the two drive to Pearl’s, where, sure enough, Frederic and some other members of their charming household, are torturing Stefan. Mrs. Gibbons, the barely-alive owner of the house, is compelled by Frederic to not invite Damon in. Harper, the black vampire loyal to Pearl, tries to stand up to Frederic, but also ends up tied up in the basement, while Stefan’s torture continues. With no one else to turn to, Elena and Damon go to Alaric, the man with the magic ring, who for some reason, cannot die.

After some convincing, –namely the trade for information about his wife, Alaric agrees to help Damon and Elena free Stefan. Elena of course, insists that she’s going to help, and Damon tries to convince her but…. lovesick girl and all. He and Alaric head out, while the subplots fly all over the place, causing mischief, and Elena behind the wheel of the getaway car. Alaric sneaks into the house pretending to need to use the phone, –and while disguised as food to a nest of vampires. First he stakes “Billy”, Frederic right-hand man. Alaric tries to get Mrs. Gibbons to invite Damon in, but Damon, pressed for time, just snaps her neck, to Alaric’s obvious shock and disapproval.

Damon stakes Jacob, who Frederic sends after Billy. Alaric, heading off to the car, notices Elena’s absence, –right around the time Frederic’s noticing that Billy and Jacob are still in the kitchen. Elena creeps down into the cellar, where she breaks in through a window, and finds Damon, snagging the guard with a vervain tranquilizer dart. Damon, needless to say, isn’t happy to see her there, but she helps free Stefan, and remove the stakes from Harper’s legs. While Damon battles the vampires in the house, Elena is helping Stefan to the car. Alaric is back at the house, helping Damon, –but Frederic’s missing.

That’s actually because he’s out at the car, repeatedly stabbing Stefan; Elena manages to dose Frederic with a tranquilizer dart , but Stefan is starting to look a little more dead than usual. Oh noez! Back at the house, Damon and Alaric are seriously outnumbered by the vampires emerging from the woods to surround them; they retreat to the house. Outside, Frederic is waking up, and Elena offers Stefan her wrist, –predictable, but very sweet. Pearl and Anna return, saving Alaric and Damon ass, –unfortunately, this is right after Damon admits to lying about having information on Alaric’s wife, -er, Elena’s mother.

Stefan kills Frederic, but in his rage, almost kills Elena, –who is forced to re-analyze, as is Stefan. Things wind down, but it’s a really sad episode, –Jeremy is cured of his fascination with vampires, and becoming a vampire, when, while Caroline is lost out in the woods, she discovers Vickie Donovan’s corpse. Everyone gathers at the Donovan house, but in his grief, Matt turns to Elena, not Caroline, –the son of a bitch actually told Caroline he wanted to be alone, then cries on Elena’s shoulder. Poor Caroline, everyone has treated her like total shit. And where the hell is Bonnie anyway? And Aunt Jenna?

Pearl found out while she and Anna were at the Grill, that Anna had been into Jeremy Gilbert, –and smacks the shit out of her. But after the two emerge from their heated talk in the ladies’ room, Anna decides suddenly to turn Jeremy? Uh, no, –it sounds to me like now that Jeremy knows about vampires, Pearl isn’t taking any chances, and wants Anna to turn him. But after Anna finds out that the reason Jeremy even wanted to be a vampire, was to find Vickie, –that he never even wanted Anna anyway, –she leaves him the hell alone. Damon, despite a small attempt to make nice with Alaric, gets punched in the face, –presumably for pulling out the “find the missing wife” card earlier in the episode. Awww. And more bad news; Damon walks in on  Stefan freaking out, and drinking human blood like a fiend.

By annimi

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  4. I’ve always thought that Stefan would be the scarier Vampire. Because first of all, he has a bad habit of lying, which could get in the way of things. And second, Damon may be the one who usually kills people, but Stefan has a brutal past as we’ve learned, and he can kill so roughly, it ALMOST creeps me out.

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  6. yeah but damon has those crystal blue eyes that can entrance you so easily, i would have to say he is by far scarier. anyone can lose their temper, some just do it quietly. those are the truely scary ones.

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