The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 19

Things keep building as the season winds down to its finale; the tension is so thick you just want to …well, yeah, it’s kind of ‘climactic” like an orgasm. But the big finale is our finish, so we have to just grab the sheets and squirm. In this episode, Stefan’s ‘blood problem’ is getting really out of control. It’s more than evident that he’s been using, and worse, he has no way to control his urges, –he’s like a newborn vampire after his first taste of blood. All he wants to do is suck, suck, suck. Teehee.

But the problem is, that Stefan really shouldn’t be around other people, but he’s under the typical druggie illusion that this is who he really is, that he’s fine, he can control it. For a while, at least, up until he snags one of the Miss Mystic Falls candidates at the Founders Hall. With Stefan off having a blood relapse, and playing with his food, Damon fills in for him. The scene where Damon and Elena waltz is worth watching all the cut scenes where Stefan is spazzing out with his little blood donor.

Normally, Damon admits, –as the rest of us know too, –he’d be happy that Stefan was trying to get back on blood, but the thing is, the town’s vampire-hunting Council is onto the thefts from the blood bank. The main issue is, Damon doesn’t want Johnathan Gilbert to know anything more than he already does about the Salvatore brothers, considering he’s blackmailing them to get some invention. The original Johnathan Gilbert, invented the vampire compass, –but he also invented something else, that Pearl stole by mistake.

The present Johnathan Gilbert really wants it, and still thinks Pearl has it, –but by way an apology for all her friends torturing Stefan, Pearl gives the pocket watch/strange invention, to Damon. Gilbert’s had his beady eyes on Jeremy, and Anna. Damon isn’t playing Johnathan Gilbert’s little game so much anymore though, because Johnathan accidentally let slip that he doesn’t really know much about Katherine, Pearl, or the Salvatore family.

Things are really up in the air, and all over the place, which makes this a terrible time for Stefan to have his blood junkie issues. Damon, Elena, and Bonnie arrive (she’s back!) before Stefan can kill Amber, the missing Miss Mystic Falls contestant. Bonnie pulls a Jedi-mind trick style witch thing on poor Stefan’s brain, and he runs off. Damon stays for damage control with Sheriff Forbes, Elena heads after Stefan, and Johnathan continues nosing around.

Elena manages to calm Stefan, and it becomes evident that she and Damon have planned an ‘Intervention’ when she stabs him with a vervain tranquilizer dart. They pop him into the little prison cell/dungeon thing that just happens to be in their basement, and settle down together to wait for him to wake up. My guess is, he’s going to be super mad.

And yeah, Bonnie is back, and as I predicted a few episodes back, she does blame the vampires, and it seems, Elena too. The friendship probably won’t hold up under the stress. She’s actually on the “at risk for the big death” list, so maybe Bonnie will end up croaking. But with all this potential for an enemy, or rivalry thing, and she’s the only other supernatural creature in town, I doubt they’ll kill her off quite yet. So, keep your legs crossed, ladies, we have three episodes left!

By annimi

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