The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 2

P1We open with a recap of everything that happened last episode, and then bring on the traditional urban legend camping scenario. The boyfriend goes to investigate scary noise outside tent, the girlfriend hears dripping noises on tent, investigates, sees dead boyfriend, runs, dies, …and Damon has struck again! I wonder if they’ll always open the show with Damon’s dinner habits? Also turning into a trend is the opening sequence where Elena and Stefan simultaneously confide in their journals. This episode, they’re both happy to start the day, because they know they’ll see each other.

Jeremy shows concern by visiting the hospitalized Vickie, and the big news in this episode is the return of a comet; the whole town gathers in the square to watch. Elena and Stefan are getting more friendly, perhaps their cute little thing is blossoming into a full fledged fling!  Bonnie is getting more into her witchcraft thing, or at least the psychic aspect of it. Caroline is pursuing Damon, but it seems like every time she sees him, he disappears again. Matt fills Elena in on how Vickie is doing, her whispering “vampire” when she woke, and the two share an awkward “ex” moment; Matt still wants her back. Stefan overhears.

P3Aunt Jenna is confronted in a parent-teacher conference about Jeremy’s behavior, and for a moment, seems to hit on her before he insults her about her parenting. After overhearing Matt and Elena talk about Vickie, Stefan tries to glamour or “compell” Vickie; erase her memory and convince her it was an animal that bit her. However, Matt sees Stefan in the hospital, and chases him, but he doesn’t find him; Stefan vanishes out a window. Meanwhile, Elena’s friends, Bonnie and Caroline, encourage her to take the next step with Stefan.

Jenna attempts to talk to Jeremy, reliving her experiences with drugs in order to get his attention, but no dice. When Matt questions Vickie about her panic attack, that she had earlier when he was visiting her, Vickie claims she has no idea what he’s talking about, and tells him an animal attacked her. Jeremy comes in while Matt is visiting, and explains to her that it was him who found her, and carried her out of the woods; there’s a cute moment when the two seem to actually have a semblance of romantic future.

P5Elena goes to visit Stefan on her friends’ advice, and instead, meets Damon, who reveals information on the long lost Katherine, but flirts and teases Elena as well. Stefan interrupts them, and coldly dismisses Elena, but is really just pissed at Damon. Stefan and Damon have a short confrontation, but nothing is resolved, as always; they snap at each other. Back at Elena’s house, Aunt Jenna tries to confront Jeremy again about the drug issue, this time with negative reinforcement, but he blows her off again.

Despite Stefan’s Jedi-mind-tricks, Vickie is beginning to have nightmares about Damon. Bonnie and Elena talk more about Stefan while they’re viewing the comet, at a big community event in Mystic Falls, Caroline sees Damon again, but he disappears once more. Vickie and Jeremy talk for a moment while she’s at work, and she complains of her weak pain pills, –so Jeremy gives her stronger meds. Vickie shoots Tyler down when he approaches. At the event, Matt and Stefan face each other, and there’s a poetic, silent moment and a visually striking choice between men; Elena stands apart and eventually Stefan joins her.

P7Elena and Stefan discuss the comet, and he apologizes to her, –Elena brings up Katherine, whom she found out about through Damon. Elena doesn’t believe that she and Stefan have much of a chance, so she leaves him standing there. Vickie meets Damon for a moment, and recalls that she knows him; the vague meeting ends when she walks off, and goes to the bathroom to pop more pain pills. In the bathroom, she’s attacked by Damon. Everyone begins wondering where Vickie is, –no one’s seen her, and Matt is worried. The group of friends search for her, but Stefan hears her struggling with Damon.

Damon has Vickie teetering on the edge of a roof, when Stefan arrives to try to stop him. Damon brings Vickie’s memory back, convinces her it was a vampire that attacked her, and that it was Stefan, not Damon. Stefan refuses to be moved to kill Vickie, and tells Damon to let her scream vampire if she wants to. Instead, Damon erases Vickie’s memory, then leaves. Stefan brings Vickie back to Matt, who thanks him for returning her. Bonnie decides to do a little match-making, but when she gives Stefan Elena’s cell number and email, she gets the shocked look on her face, like another vision.

P9At Elena’s house, she walks in on Aunt Jenna searching Jeremy’s room for drugs; she finds some, but confides to Elena that she feels inadequate, and that the job is impossible. Elena tries to comfort Jenna. In a dark parking lot, Damon is stalking a frightened Caroline, but he finally talks to her, and they act pretty sweet to one another. Elena decides to visit Stefan after talking to Jenna, and admits to him that she’s afraid that things will work out, that they’ll be happy, only to lose everything again. After they kiss, leaving at least that aspect more positive, the scene changes, and Damon bites Caroline. Oh no… I always thought she was so sweet. I hope Caroline makes it.

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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  5. what channel is Vampire Diryies?please tell me i really want to whatch that channel but i don’t know what channel it is will you tell me please?

  6. I love everything vampire but I have to admit to be a bit bored by The Vampire Diaries. Stefan seems lackluster and Damon just isn’t as scary as he pretends to be. I’ll be interested to see if the series gets renewed next year.

    1. How can you not like it? Vampire Diaries is the best turn on vamps since the pathetic sparkling Cullens hit the scene.

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