The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 20

Be prepared for flashbacks galore, this episode is chock full of tedious looking back on events; maybe it’s a personal taste issue… But I just can’t get into a flashback. Why not just sum it up in a single sentence: “Stefan forced Damon to transition to full vampire… back in yesteryear.” That was basically the main thread of this episode. While Stefan is locked up, he goes all suicidal, because he believes he’s caused so much pain and misery, including his brother’s. Elena takes on the huge role of hotline support representative, in order to convince him that life is worth living.

The other huge revelation in Stefan’s dark side, is the memory of his drinking his own father’s blood for his transition. It’s unclear whether Stefan actually killed his father, but it looks like that’s probably what happened. Forcing his brother to transition, and drinking his own father’s blood, not to mention all the other trouble he believes he’s caused, is pretty much at the base of Stefan’s desire to go out and ‘meet the sun’ as they say in True Blood. Before the escape to burn in the sun, his plan had been to starve himself. Ew.

While Stefan is busy being suicidal, Damon and Alaric, in rare cooperation, are out on a wild goose chase, trying to find Isobel, or some information regarding the plotting narcissist, Johnathan Gilbert. Gilbert on the other hand, tries to cozy his way into Pearl’s life in order to get the pocket-watch, –but in an act of overconfidence, she tells him that she gave it to Damon. Which sadly, gets her killed at the end of the episode. It’s actually really sad, considering everything Anna went through to get her mother out, and everything Pearl suffered in the tomb, just to be murdered by some dickweed.

After Johnathan Gilbert kills Pearl, –which I kind of hope, in sort of a morbid way wasn’t the ‘major death’ they were talking about, –another surprise is waiting in store for everyone around. Guess who’s in town? It’s Isobel, Queen of the Vampire Sluts! Maybe that’s harsh, but still, the whole, walking out on Alaric thing was just rude. And I doubt she’s going to turn out to be a very nice vampire. All in all, it was a very revealing episode, but I did wish they were fewer flashbacks, and little more action. But now worries, –two more episodes left, that are bound to be chock full of madness! And maybe even a little more Damon + Elena cuteness.

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    1. Does anyone know where we could download the whole episode 20 of Vampire Diaries.
      If you do know, could you please tell me … :D thanks
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