The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 3

P1We get another recap of the last episode; so if you missed anything, don’t worry, each new show makes sure to fill you in on the bold points of the old show. Caroline wakes up beside a sleeping Damon, feels her bite wound, and tries to sneak out, but he catches her. She puts up one hell of a fight, but in the end, he catches her. It looks like she might be dead, so cross your fingers! Bonnie, after her strange vision or psychic experience with Stefan, warns Elena about him. Vickie, meanwhile, attempts a “friendship” with Jeremy, but Jeremy asks her, accusingly, if she only wanted him for his drugs.

After Bonnie’s experience with Stefan, she’s aloof, and indifferent towards him. Tyler begins needling Matt about Stefan and Elena. Elena, disheartened by Bonnie disliking Stefan, makes plans to get the two of them to mingle over dinner. Ty, in an attempt to avenge Matt, throws a football at Stefan’s head when he isn’t looking, –but with vampire reflexes, he whips around, catches the ball, and throws it back hard enough to hurt Ty’s hands. Elena begins encouraging Stefan to play football, who admits that he knows the game, but isn’t sure if he wants to try out.

P3Stefan outsmarts the history teacher, –also the football coach, –yet again, after a heated debate on historical dates. When Elena joins back up with the cheerleaders, she sneaks in an invitation to dinner, and convinces Bonnie to come and hang out a little more with Stefan. Meanwhile, the entire day, Caroline has been missing, –but just as everyone begins to wonder, she suddenly shows up with Damon, in a convertible. Caroline makes a point of letting Elena know she has the “other brother.”

When Stefan decides to go out for football, Tyler and a half-hearted Matt, get aggressive. Stefan is of course, unphased, and Elena watches proudly from the bleachers. But when Stefan overhears Ty’s suspicion of Stefan’s skills on the field, he allows Ty to tackle him. When Stefan straightens up, one of his fingers is broken, –gross out moment, beware, –he snaps it back into place. When Stefan returns home, he finds Damon reading his diary aloud. There’s a short confrontation, and Damon patronizes Stefan, claiming condescendingly that he too, may want to live a human life, before cracking up laughing. Damon takes off to his date with Caroline.

P5In the kitchen, Bonnie and Elena prepare dinner, –take out, and make it look like they actually cooked. Bonnie knows where everything in the kitchen is, and somewhat convinces both Elena, and herself, that maybe she is a witch, or psychic. At dinner, Bonnie is indifferent to Stefan, until they start discussing Salem witches; just as she begins to thaw, the doorbell rings. Guess who? It’s Caroline and Damon! After an awkward struggle at the door, Elena invites Damon inside, –huge mistake. Caroline makes several idiotic, insensitive remarks about Elena’s past, which Damon smoothly segues into the Katherine subject.

At the Grill, Ty is being all gross and flirty with Vickie, and Matt remarks to Jeremy nearby that even though he loves his sister, she makes you “work for it.” Jeremy replies nastily, that he thought she was “pretty easy.” Jeremy walks past Ty, who rudely shoves into him, –there’s almost a nasty fight, but Matt manages to break it up. He angrily faces Vickie, and asks her what she’s doing. At Elena’s house, Damon is helping Elena clean up after dinner in the kitchen. Elena brings up Katherine, and Damon confides the Katherine was beautiful, but quoted some of her negative qualities as well. He also tells Elena about Katherine’s death, in a fire. Elena, astute, picks up that both Stefan and Damon dated  Katherine. Damon admits it, and tells her his brother would have told it differently.

P7Damon brings up Elena’s uneasy return to cheerleading, and when she shares her feelings of disinterest in resuming the program, he advises her to give it up and start something new. Elena surprises Damon when she offers him condolences for Katherine’s death, saying that he lost Katherine too. There’s a moment, between them when it looks like Damon might be beginning to actually feel something. In the other room, Stefan tries to get Caroline to take off her scarf, suspecting the truth, –that Damon has bitten her and is now controlling her. When Caroline tells him she can’t, all she knows is that she can’t, his suspicions are confirmed.

Damon interrupts him, and forcefully sends Caroline to the kitchen to help Elena, and Stefan angrily tells his brother that humans are people not puppets. Damon counters, letting him know that now that Elena has invited him in, he can come back any time he wants. Later, Stefan and Elena are making out in bed; clothes are shed, but before anything happens, Stefan suddenly turns into Damon, smiling up at her. Elena screams and wakes up; a crow watches from the window sill. Damon has Stefan worried; he tries to come up with a way to protect her, and takes an old wooden box from his wardrobe where he keeps his diaries.

P9The next day, after Elena confronts Caroline about quitting cheerleading, Stefan gives her the small wooden box; inside is a locket or a pillbox necklace, and inside is a mysterious herb. The football coach, also the history teacher, Mr. Tanner, announces starting Stefan at that night’s game; automatically raising Ty’s hackles. Instead of picking a fight with Stefan, Ty spots Jeremy, drunk and provokes him instead. Jeremy rises to the occasion, and punches Tyler in the face. A crowd gathers; Vickie, Matt, Elena, and everyone else that happened to be in the neighborhood.  Once Ty has Jeremy on the ground, bloody, Stefan pulls Tyler off of him.

Instead of backing down, Jeremy grabs a broken whiskey bottle and moves to slash Ty with it, but misses and cuts open Stefan’s hand. Elena sees, and after she tries to talk to Jeremy, she checks Stefan’s hand; the wound is gone. Elena is a little worried about the sudden missing wound, and it stays on her mind. Elena finds Bonnie, and asks her what the real deal is with her feelings about Stefan; Bonnie admits to Elena that when Stefan touched her, he felt cold; like death. She also tells her that she keeps seeing the numbers 8, 14, and 22. The girls dismiss the numbers, but Bonnie’s feelings about Stefan remain.

P11While Elena fetches something out of her car, she runs into Damon, who tries to throw his Jedi-vampire-mind-trick mojo on her, but it doesn’t work. She slaps him, then sends him on his way. At the football field, Matt calls a truce with Stefan, even though he’s with his ex now. Matt heads in, leaving Damon to needle Stefan about the vervain necklace he gave Elena. Instead, Stefan turns on his brother, patronizes him for hypocrisy, because he knows that Damon won’t kill him, loved Katherine, and still does. To prove him wrong, Damon suddenly attacks the coach, and begins gnawing on him.

Matt confronts Ty about being an asshole, then takes off, and soon finds the coach; an ambulance is called, but it’s too late. Coach Tanner is dead, and the significance of Bonnie’s numbers is revealed: Building 8, cop car plates read 14, and a number stenciled on the parking lot reads 22. As the show winds down, we see Ty walking past, and saying nothing to a somber Matt; perhaps a friendship destroyed. Vickie tells Jeremy softly that the drugs weren’t why she wanted to be around him. Elena is writing in her diary; she’s worried about the animal attacks, and the disappearance of Stefan’s wound. Stefan is writing that he was wrong about Damon having any humanity left. Meanwhile, Damon watches over Elena as she sleeps, softly touching her face, and smiling; when her eyes open, he vanishes.

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  2. You are viewing it from Jeremy’s biased goggles. Tyler and Vicki were a real couple who had real issues. They also had chemistry. Nothing gross about it. Jeremy and Vicki was gross and wrong. She was cheating on her boyfriend with a freshman ( her friend’s little bro). Jeremy is the one who created the triangle and started most of the fights with Tyler. Tyler and Vicki had hot kissing scenes. There was nothing wrong with him being affectionate towards Vicki. Jeremy and Vicki, sleazy illicit affair, their kissing in later episodes looked all unatural and forced. Tyler was being an asshole to Stefan, only because he thought that was what Matt wanted. Jeremy was a bastard to Tyler, Tyler reacted. Vicki was trash who cheated on him and used him. Then Tyler gets all the blame for the fights and failed relationship because J & Vicki are whiny & manipulative.

  3. Jeremy threw the first punch, rewatch the episode. He even took the violence to the next level by almost cutting Tyler with a beer bottle. Jeremy was also f***ing Vicki, who was Tyler’s girlfriend. He was being aggressive about stealing Vicki, yet Tyler is made to look the jerk.

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