The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Episode 7

p1This episode moves pretty fast; they pack a hell of a lot of stuff into forty minutes of action. After Vickie attacks Ty in his car, Damon and Stefan reign her in; mostly Stefan, of course. He keeps her in the house and tries to get her accustomed to a non-human diet, and make her understand why feeding on humans is bad news, while Damon constantly antagonizes the situation. Elena arrives later to learn what she can about Vickie’s condition. In a moment alone with Vickie, Elena learns that Vickie’s no one to mess with. After warning Vickie to stay away from Jeremy, Elena is thrust against a wall and half strangled, while Vickie makes her point.

We finally learn what Bonnie’s been up to; she was staying the weekend with her grandma, who’s been teaching her all about their family history and witchcraft. Apparently, they come from a long line of witches who managed to escape the massacre in Salem, in 1692. Later on, Caroline gives Bonnie her costume at school, –a witch’s outfit, of course, and also, the necklace she got from Damon, expressing interest in finally leaving Damon behind. Mayor Lockwood and his wife discuss the missing compass, and Logan’s death, while Damon eavesdrops. At the Salvatore house, Damon decides to teach Vickie some of the tricks of the trade, despite Stefan’s misgivings, and of course, Vickie escapes.

p3While Vickie and Jeremy organize a secret meeting at the school’s haunted Halloween event, Damon is learning all kinds of interesting things about the town’s vampire hunters. Mayor Lockwood’s wife is flush on martinis, and spills a lot of details. She tells him that Zach was supplying a mysterious town ‘Council’ with vervain. At the high school, everyone shows up for a big scary Halloween party, and with Vickie losing her mind to her hunger, there might be more scares than they planned. Matt confronts Stefan and Elena about the weird stuff going on with his sister, Vickie. Vickie takes off, but not before she tells Matt that Stefan is bothering her, sparking a quick scuffle while she sneaks off to meet Matt.

Vickie and Jeremy leave to make out, while outside, Damon finds out what happened to his yellow crystal, and tries to take it from Bonnie. The necklace burns his hand when he touches it; Bonnie runs home to her grandmother’s and explains what happened. Her grandmother reveals that the necklace belonged to one of the most powerful witches in their family, Emily Bennet. In the high school’s parking lot, things heat up between Vickie and Jeremy, and before too long, she’s ready to eat. Elena and Stefan try to hold her off, but Vickie evades capture, and attacks Elena, attempting to feed on her. Stefan stakes her with a broken board, and Vickie turns gross, and really… just, ew, immediately. Stefan takes Jeremy away, and Elena waits for Damon to come and take care of the body.

p5Damon sends away an angry Elena, who tempted him with her bleeding injuries. At the Gilbert home, Elena comforts Jeremy, and then asks Stefan to erase his memory. Stefan admits that because of his lifestyle, his powers aren’t strong enough to completely erase Jeremy’s memory, –Damon arrives and offers to do it. Elena tells Damon what she wants Jeremy to know, and while Damon is upstairs, Elena admits to Stefan that she still has feelings for him. Aww! Perhaps in the next episode, things between them might get a little less angry and weird? And Damon has also done his one token good deed for the episode.

This episode went by fast; too fast! We had to wait two whole weeks for this episode, the least they could do was make it a little longer! But no, still only forty minutes of vampire fun. It’s great to see Bonnie again, but wow, the grandmother actress needs some serious work, –I notice though, that when new characters are introduced mid-show, like in True Blood, it takes them a little while to be more comfortable in their roles. If she has any skill at all, she’ll be more natural in a couple more episodes. Early on in the episode, it looked like Elena and Matt might hook back up, but thank god, no… I wasn’t ready to see them get back together, and for Elena to just blow off Stefan for the sake of normality.

p7Notice, for some reason, Aunt Jenna didn’t appear in this episode, –these producers need to add that extra ten minutes, or learn how to put these characters in the show and condense it a bit more. Skipping the follow-up on the supporting actors is kind of a dick move. In an interesting way, Elena seems to be bringing the Salvatore brothers closer together, but it might just be temporary, –they do seem to be on better terms than they were in the first few episodes. And we also get the extra added bonus of more romance in the future, –Elena admits that even though they’ve been through hell, she doesn’t want to lose her feelings for Stefan. Who knows, maybe some romance will crop up between Bonnie and Damon? Or maybe things between Damon, Stefan, and Elena will just get more convoluted and angry. Le sigh. Drama.

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