The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 8

P1In this episode we’re introduced to Stefan’s oldest friend; the 350 year old Lexi, –she’s an absolute sweetheart, and the best part is, she’s older and stronger than Damon. So she can kick his ass any time. It’s Stefan’s birthday, and Lexi came to party with him. There’s maintenance to do after Vickie’s death; Matt, Jeremy, Stefan, and Elena all convince the sheriff that Vickie’s just left town. Matt and Elena are both giving Stefan the cold shoulder, but for different reasons; Matt doesn’t trust Stefan’s intentions with his sister in the last episode, and Elena is upset about all the drama following Stefan around.

Damon heads off to the sheriff’s to deliver a box of vervain; apparently, Stefan and Damon have been telling people that Zach is out-of-town too. Damon is devising a plan to get rid of the hunters and give them a vampire to keep them away from he and Stefan. Bonnie isn’t too thrilled with her crystal, the necklace her ancestor wore, but her Gram convinces her to always wear it. Bonnie heads over to Elena’s house to see what’s going on, and finds the majorly depressed Elena hiding in bed. To cheer her up, Bonnie demonstrates her new witch-y powers. Elena heads over to talk to Stefan, and instead, finds Lexi in her towel; awkward! Meanwhile, Damon is using his vampire Jedi-mind-trick on Caroline to get her to take the necklace from Bonnie, and throw a party that night at the ‘Grill.’

P3Lexi convinces Stefan to go with her, but he stops at Elena’s first to explain the presence of Lexi, and invite Elena to Caroline’s party. She gets the deal with Lexi, that they’re just friends, but decides she wants to stay home. At the party, Bonnie tries to take the crystal from Bonnie and it shocks her; when she reports what happened to Damon, he calls her shallow, and useless. While Caroline heads off to get wasted, Stefan stops Matt and tries to explain what was going on with him trying to give Vickie an ‘intervention.’ Matt seems to thaw a little, but he’s still angry and upset with Vickie for leaving. Outside, Damon is setting his plans in motion; when he spots a couple kissing nearby, he attacks the boy, and grabs the girl to give her a little brain melting. He goes back in the bar, and talks to Elena for a bit, –who seems to have magically appeared at the party despite not wanting to come, –and she asks if he added anything to Jeremy’s brain when he erased his memory. Damon evasively claims he only took away Jeremy’s suffering.

Outside, the police discover the body of the boy, and the girl sitting beside him. Inside, Lexi approaches Elena, and talks to her a little about love, and loving a vampire as a human. Lexi gets through a bit, Elena thaws toward Stefan, and joins him at the pool table. Lexi heads over to talk to Damon, letting Stefan and Elena have their alone time. Lexi and Damon chat about his diabolical plan, but suddenly, the sheriff enters with the girl, who points out Lexi as the boy’s killer. The sheriff strolls up, shoots up Lexi with vervain, and hauls her out of the bar. Stefan and Elena follow out the back. Lexi attempts to struggle, and the sheriff shoots her; just as Elena and Stefan are coming around the wall, they witness Damon stake Lexi. Though Elena tries to stop him, Stefan confronts Damon, fights him, and stakes him, –but only in the stomach. He tells him they’re even, since Damon saved his life, and he is now sparing Damon’s.

P5Caroline is carried away by Matt; she’s totally smashed, and he comforts her, and takes her home, then holds her while she sleeps. Elsewhere, Bonnie is having a nightmare, running through the forest, when her ancestor warns her of an “it” coming for her. Bonnie wakes up in the woods, still in her pajamas, out in the cemetery. Phew, what an episode! God, I wish Damon would just give it up, and the two brothers could just bond for god’s sake. And just when things were turning up with Stefan and Elena, Damon has to go and kill someone else, –and possibly brainwash her brother. Jeez; a girl just can’t get a break.

I’m also kind of worried about Caroline. Hopefully, Damon just stays away, because I think her and Matt would make a really sweet couple. She deserves someone to be nice to her, even if she is flawed; it’s a symptom of humanity. I also really liked the Lexi character; totally stupid that she’s already dead, but I guess she also would have been a third wheel in the series. So far it looks like Damon’s “diabolical master plan” is to completely isolate Stefan, and then maybe kill him. Too bad, –Damon is uber-hot, and I want him to stay, and be less of a douche. Just a little less!

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