The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 9

P1This is a really busy episode; questions are answered, and a new character is introduced. First of all, it’s becoming more clear that Emily is haunting Bonnie, and she wants something. There’s a little bit of weirdness between Matt and Caroline that only gets worse when Caroline confronts Matt after school, wanting to know what’s going on between them now; Matt kind of shuts her down, and takes off. Bonnie and Elena discuss Emily, and Elena is determined to get Caroline and Bonnie talking again. Meanwhile, Alaric Saltzman is introduced: this guy is definitely a vampire, –has a ring like Stefan and Damon. And for some reason, he seems to want to get really close to the Gilbert family. First he offers Jeremy extra credit, so that he can make up his grade, then later, starts getting all cuddly with the freshly single Aunt Jenna.

Stefan talks with Elena, and tells her he plans to “back off from school”, but she sees that he really wants to stay away from her. Damon approaches Bonnie again about the crystal, and warns her about Emily’s presence. Bonnie throws the necklace in a field on the way to Elena’s house, after telling Elena about Damon bothering her. Elena asks Stefan about the necklace, to find out from Damon what the deal is, and later that night, after Caroline apologizes and the girls work things out, the necklace appears again in Bonnie’s bag. Stefan warms up more to Damon, who has been trying to form a truce, in order to find out more about the necklace. Damon knows Stefan wants something, but they go on bonding a bit more.

P3After a brief fight over the re-appearance of the necklace, the girls work things out again, and Bonnie explains to Caroline that she’s a witch. They decide to have a seance to see what Emily wants. Meanwhile, after bringing up the sore subject of Katherine’s false love with Damon, Stefan asks about the necklace. They argue and things almost get nasty, but then Damon reveals his master plan. He plans to bring Katherine back. The necklace belonged to Katherine, who gave it to Emily, –Bonnie’s ancestor, and Katherine’s handmaid, who used the necklace to seal Katherine and twenty-seven other vampires in a tomb beneath the church, while it burned down. Stefan believed that Katherine died in the church, but she was only sealed below. Damon wants to bring Katherine back and let the vampires take over the town that killed his lover.

Emily doesn’t plan to let that happen, however; the seance wasn’t so great an idea, shortly after things get creepy, and Emily possesses Bonnie, then takes off to the church ruins in the old cemetery. Elena calls Stefan and tells him what happened, but Damon overhears and takes off first. Stefan follows, Elena going after them as well, but Damon gets there first and is impaled on a tree limb by Emily, who has taken over Bonnie’s body, and is apparently, a very powerful witch. Stefan arrives and helps Damon down, while Emily reveals Damon’s plan to unleash the mass of vampires on the town. She destroys the crystal, and Damon is crushed; as soon as Emily’s finished, leaving Bonnie’s body, Damon attacks in a blind rage. Stefan saves her by giving Bonnie his blood.

P5Later, Damon is miserable and silent, but promises Stefan he’ll leave now. Stefan goes to Elena, who puts a confused and terrified Bonnie in the car. Elena tells Stefan she’s going to tell Bonnie the truth, so that she doesn’t have to be alone with his secret anymore. She also tells Stefan that she wants to be with him but Stefan tells her he’s decided to leave town, and disappear, in order to keep her and everyone else safe. Then he walks away, leaving Elena calling after him. Later that night, as the show winds down, while Bonnie and Elena comfort each other, Matt and Caroline share a soft moment when he tells her that he does understand about being alone. He tells her about being lonely, with Vickie leaving, and his MIA mother. Damon sits alone, crying, and Stefan cries in his room too, thrwing his diaries around angrily. At the Gilbert house, just as Jenna’s throwing away a photo of her and Logan, the doorbell rings; it’s Logan, and he wants to be invited inside.

Really intense episode. That guy Alvaric is a creepy SOB, –there’s no way he’s here to be a good guy, and I definitely don’t trust his sudden interest in the Gilbert family. Some good news though, is that things between Stefan and Damon seem to be mellowing out, even though Damon still believes that the love between him and Katherine was real. Stefan doesn’t think so, he believes he was glamoured; and it sure looked like it to me too. The whole story was blown wide open, and even though it’s a good thing the evil nasty Katherine wasn’t set free, it’s still really sad to see Damon lose Katherine forever, and his plan fall apart. Though it’s true that killing off the townspeople wouldn’t be very nice, it’s also true that some of them blindly hate vampires, despite that the only evil-ish one is Damon. At least, until Alvaric showed up.

P7It’s good to see Caroline and Matt together, since they were both obviously lonely and sad; with Matt getting over Vickie’s disappearance, and Caroline getting over Damon’s abuse. I don’t know what the hell is going to happen with Stefan and Damon, supposedly taking off and ditching the town, but I really hope that they stay, since Alvaric obviously has some pretty weird designs on the Gilberts. Good thing Jenna didn’t invite him in, but what the hell was the deal with Logan showing up? Has Alvaric glamoured her, or compelled her, to believe he’s Logan? Or is Logan a vampire? Or a zombie? He died, remember? He was killed by Damon, after shooting and almost staking Stefan, –or at least, killed the rest of the way by Vickie… The next episode needs to hurry up and get here!

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