The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 1

The Return

The season finale of Vampire Diaries had everyone on edge; the kiss that Katherine gave Damon, who mistook her for Elena, the violent attack on Elena’s real father, John Gilbert, Jeremy’s attempted suicide, Anna’s death, Mayor Lockwood’s death at the hands of his own teammates, and Tyler Lockwood’s bizarre reaction to the device that revealed vampires… Ooh, so many things happened, and if you need a refresher course, check out the summary for the season finale. And if you thought you might get some sweeter, softer action in this episode, you’re going to be a tad disappointed. The season premier is all about evil reunions, sibling rivalry renewed, and one angry face-off after another. Not to mention some shocking instances of seriously sinister behavior.

To kick it off, we start right back up where we left off; Katherine is in the house, when Elena stumbles in to find her biological father all bloody and …stabbed, and her adopted brother upstairs passed out. The family dynamics are definitely feeling the pinch. Elena doesn’t even have the chance to realize it’s Katherine before she zips off, and leaves Elena there for clean-up. Jeremy survives the overdose, ironically, because of Anna’s blood, and Stefan warns Jeremy, angrily, that he may die if he tries again because Anna’s blood is leaving his system. Stefan shows his nasty side again, when he tells the barely alive, digit-lacking John Gilbert to leave town. He’s acting strange, and angrier than usual, even before he knew Katherine was back in town.

Seems like half the episode is spent in the hospital, with Damon trying to save Caroline, Stefan threatening John, and Damon confronting Elena about their ‘kiss’. That’s when Damon realizes Katherine was there, dun, dun, dun, –but Stefan was harder to fool, because he realizes even before Katherine kisses him, that it’s her, not Elena. she’s got some kind of master-plan though, and disappears shortly after Stefan flings her across the room. Damon and Stefan are all for killing Katherine as a team, but Stefan is pretty pissy because Damon thought he was kissing Elena.

Subplots are flying around like crazy; remember the death of Mayor Lockwood, and Tyler’s weird eye thing? Well, Carol Lockwood is calling for the blood of those responsible, and just as it starts to look like Jeremy and Tyler might bond, this Calvin Klein catalog model, ‘Uncle Mason’ pops up. Sure, he’s handsome, but I get that distinctive asshole aura when I see him. Presumably, he’s there to help out Tyler and his mom. In other news, Bonnie is still pissed at Damon, but talks him into saving Caroline, who ends up being smothered in a pillow by Katherine at the end of the show. Damn it! Not Caroline! -Sob.- Please, please, please, don’t let the cute little blond die. Sigh…

Katherine is free to wander around, pretending to Elena, and assaulting her friends, which includes Bonnie, who, in my opinion, really needed taken down a peg anyway. She’s being just full-on nasty to Damon, who she seduces, and makes out with, only to turn around and tell him that she never loved him, only Stefan. Damon gets drunk, heads over to Elena’s to hang out, only to try to kiss her again, claiming that there’s definitely something between them. Elena, predictably turns him down, and asserts that she loves Stefan, and only Stefan, always and forever, etc., but that’s the last thing Damon needed to hear. He gets really angry then, and snaps Jeremy’s neck. Thank god he was wearing the ring that allowed the Gilbert men to come back to life. Phew.

Bottom line, Damon wants to be hated; both of his great loves have rejected him. One, just for the sake of being a bitch, and the other, because she genuinely loves his brother. Things are going bad for Damon, and hopefully, he’ll manage to redeem himself later this season, but right now, he’s going down the deep end. One of the scenes that really stuck with me this episode, was that although Stefan was able to see that it was Katherine’s manipulation that caused Damon to react the way he did, Elena was not as forgiving: she claims to full-on hate Damon now. And Katherine’s closing line is ‘game on’; well, looks like it. Oh and by the way, for some reason, Alaric is MIA. And normally I’d have the promo for the next ep down here, but for some reason, CW is slacking off on releasing that tidbit to us tonight.

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    1. on which episode is it running recewntly?
      i have watched up to 10th episodes of SEASON 2 on DVD, i dont know on which channel, at what day and at what time it comes in TELEVISION. I would be very thankful towards you if you let me know about that

          1. That depends entirely on where you live. You’ll have to find that out on your own. Get a tv guide.

          2. And I have no way of knowing what channel it is for you! Every city has different channel numbers. The show is on the CW, so look up your local listings and figure it out on your own.

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  3. Hi, since you seem so knowledgeable about this series, I wondered if you could help me out. When Damon confronts Elena about the kiss, first episode season 2, I just cannot understand what he’s saying. Damon says: ‘I kissed you. I thought you kissed me back. Doppelganger…’ and than what follows?! This is killing me, please let me know what you think he’s saying!

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