The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12

The Descent

This episode was very emotional, especially for me and Damon. Emotional for me, because I’m a cryer, –Vampire Diaries makes me bawl, most episodes. While everyone is running around, worried about Elena, who appears to be giving in to Klaus, taking the easiest way out, Damon is dealing with the loss of his friend, and his life in general, as a vampire. In the meantime, Rose is getting sicker and sicker, and as much as Damon wants to act like he doesn’t care, he really does. Unfortuantely, Rose’s condition deteriorates even further, and she almost kills Elena a few times.

After a long day barricaded in a room, hiding from Rose, –while Damon confronts Jules, and Stefan looks for more information about Klaus, –Elena finds that Rose has headed out on a murderous rampage. After she’s killed a few people, Damon manages to subdue her and take her home, to care for her during her last hours. Jules was a real bitch (yeah, literally) about things to Damon, and on top of that, just as Tyler’s beginning to trust and like Caroline, Jules pops up and starts telling him “Oooh, I’m yer friend, by the way, Caroline killed your uncle with all her little vampire friends, dur dur dur.”

And if you’re on Jule’s side, trust me, don’t be. She killed a bunch of campers, because she doesn’t lock herself up when she turns, –and then she killed a cop to cover it up. She deserves a silver bullet to the face, in my opinion. But I’m pretty sure Damon will eventually turn her into dog chow, and so, I am satisfied.

So anyway, there’s turmoil, insanity, evil werewolf bitches who need a rolled up newspaper taken to their ass, and there’s the death of Rose. Damon actually gives her a dream, then kills her, in her sleep. It’s sad, but he’s really just trying to spare her further pain and anguish. Elena comforts him, but he goes out later, and kills some poor girl, after a long debate with himself. I really wish Damon could just settle down, and be decent, but he really loves Elena, and struggles to be what she wants, despite the fact that she’s with Stefan.

The whole episode was intense, and it ended with that shit-head, Johnathan Gilbert, coming back to town. Bleh. Stefan brought him, because apparently, he couldn’t find Isobel. Or Isobel just wouldn’t come. So hopefully, Uncle Jerkhead, –who is actually Elena’s father, –will have some information that is worth a crap, about Klaus and why he for whatever reason, needs Elena’s blood to break a curse that couldn’t possibly have been cast by anyone Elena was related to or whatever… could it? Seriously. Why do you think they need her blood -specifically- to break the curse? Does Elena have Aztec relatives? Is there some Petrova link to the Aztecs… wtf does an Aztec curse have to do with any of this? Let’s have some answers, people!

By annimi

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  2. i really loved that episode bc you finally saw the soft side of Damon (even if he did kill Rose). when i watching it i really hoped that Rose would live bc i thought they made a really cute couple, and Damon actually was NICE to her without any hold backs. (if you need proof, look at the final dream he gave her before he was forced to stake her through the heart). i cant wait to see what happens this week! (and i hope that everyone, vampire and werewolf, join up and take out Jules before she bc an even bigger bitch then she already is)

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