The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 2

I don’t know if I can hold it in… Caroline is a vampire! Eeek! Katherine killed her after Damon gave her his blood, remember? Now she’s up, wandering around, enjoying life. Well, not really. But she is a fast learner; it takes about ten minutes for Caroline to get her first drink of blood. And then she ends up throwing compulsion on a nurse shortly after. Wow. And no one even showed her how! All said, she makes a really cute vampire. And I am so glad she’s not dead. Even though Caroline’s predicament is kinda the main event of this episode, let’s flip over to the primary characters for a bit. So… what are Damon, Elena, and Stefan doing?

Getting ready for a carnival, though they’re all kinda on auto-pilot. Except for Elena, who doesn’t want to hear or think or talk about anything to do with vampires, Katherine, or Damon. Stefan is trying to make Jeremy more ‘vamp-aware’, and Damon is out observing the Lockwoods. He’s convinced that there’s something weird going on with them, but no one really wants to get too involved in Damon’s crap right now because he’s being such a dick. But the Lockwoods aren’t exactly doing so hot either, –the new addition, uncle Mason, is after something in the house called a ‘Moonstone’. And weirdness ensues. Funny thing is, Tyler knew exactly where the stone was, and he takes it at the end of the show. Damon and Stefan watch an arm-wrestling booth, run by Tyler Lockwood: Tyler loses to Uncle Mason, and when Mason becomes the new champ, Damon volunteers Stefan, –who loses! Trippy. Damon continues experimenting, his new method: getting someone to attack Tyler to see what happens.

But before Damon can find out anything more, Caroline confronts him, angrily, because all her memories are returning. Damon is thinking ahead, to all the potential shit this could bring down on his head, considering Caroline’s mother, Lizzy Forbes, is the sheriff and has a pretty high position on the ‘Council’. Damon takes off to tell Elena about Caroline, and Stefan has taken a pit stop to watch the fight between Mason, Tyler, and the stranger. Mason starts jumping around with glow-y eyes after he intervenes. The fighters disperse, with no lives lost, and Damon, Stefan and Elena have a powwow over Caroline, who appears to all to be more moody and hormonal than usual. Damon is in favor of staking, namely because of the potential liability Caroline represents.

Stefan and Elena aren’t, of course, but who knows what Damon will do when no one’s watching? Egads. And because Matt is Caroline’s concerned b/f, he goes to Bonnie to see what’s going on. Everyone is tripping out over Caroline, but in the meantime, there really is something weird going on with the Lockwoods. Caroline kills some poor schmuck, Damon gets there first, and attempts to stake her. But Elena arrives in time to throw herself in front of Caroline, and save her from Damon. Bonnie isn’t nearly as forgiving, however; she hates Damon anyway, and now, she can heap some more reasons to hate him on top of all the others. Which is why she sets him on fire in the parking lot, but thankfully, Elena saves Damon, shaking Bonnie out of her witchy trance.

It’s not even Caroline’s fault, besides, Bonnie is also being a bitch to Caroline, who thinks her best friend hates her. Stefan works on helping Caroline cope, and control her need for blood, allowing her to finally get close to Matt. Stefan bonds with Caroline, and hopefully Bonnie is a tad more chill. Though I doubt Damon will be so forgiving; he’s probably not going to like having a threat around. But, he’s calming down again, and manages to have at least, some minimal truce with Jeremy. Elena and Stefan, hold onto some nice boyfriend-girlfriend time, and they enjoy it, but both realize that things are only going to get more crazy. Oh and enjoy the extended trailer for the next episode!

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  1. i loved that episode and i cannt wait until next weeks, i just wish i new what is up with that moonstone. i dont see how it plays into all of this.

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