The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20

The Last Day

I always start my synopsis posts with, “Holy Crap, This Episode is #$%%&^ Great!“, even if… they actually suck, which I usually bring up later in my posts. Well, I am being sincere this time. Seriously, we’re drawing ever closer to the season finale, and the whole goddamn thing was just effing brilliant. Where do I even start? Oh, I guess with Damon finally cracking and doing the big no-no, –putting Elena in a position where she might turn into a vampire. In fact, at this point, it looks pretty damn possible. Damon loves Elena, and it’s very sad. So Elijah explains the whole process of breaking the curse, –a witch uses the moonstone to release its power, Klaus sacrifices a vampire and a werewolf, then drains the doppleganger dry. Elijah then produces an elixir that he says is capable of bringing Elena back from the dead. He doesn’t buy it, so he forces her to drink his blood. Uh-oh, major screw-up on his part.

So Elena’s really mad and doesn’t want to be a vampire, and Damon and Stefan get into a big huge fight, so of course, Stefan gets stabbed. those Salvatore brothers; always stabbing each other. Worse than a couple of ten year olds. Alaric is back and doing okay, he lets them know that Klaus plans to do the big sacrifice that night. And Tyler’s back in town, with Jules, because Klaus’s witch used Tyler’s mom to lure him back… by throwing her down the stairs. And since Caroline was at the hospital to check on Mrs. Lockwood, Klaus’s witch managed to catch both of them at the same time. Well, shit. Too bad, because Matt Donovan is starting to believe that Caroline isn’t a big huge demon. Even though Sheriff Forbes doesn’t buy it, and plans to take over the whole “let’s kill all the vampires” thing.

Stefan takes Elena on this soul-searching mission, while Damon and Alaric set out to clog up Klaus’s plan. After Alaric invites Damon in to chat with Katherine, he takes off and is just *poof* for the rest of the show. Damon frees Caroline and Tyler, and with some help: Matt showed up and capped the witch who almost killed Damon. But Damon doesn’t get all sappy and jump for joy, especially since Matt is being the typical territorial male. He conks Matt, saves Caroline and Tyler, then they pick up and run off to go save Elena… with Tyler quickly changing under the full moon. But they’re too late. Klaus shows up as soon as Elena and Stefan get back from their romantic “my life is over” cry-fest in the woods, and takes off with Elena.

Tyler’s transformation is speeding up, and he attacks Damon. They part ways, leaving a wooden-bullet loaded rifle with Caroline and Matt, Damon headed off towards Klaus’s lair, and Tyler Lockwood transforming in the woods. Caroline and Matt hold up in Tyler’s old cellar, which doesn’t look all that promising. Damon shows up at Klaus’s house, and finds out that Klaus has a back-up werewolf: Jules. And he also has a back-up vampire. Stefan is walking around the house in circles with Alaric, waiting for Damon to show up, or possibly to go rescue… someone… whatever, who knows? And meanwhile, Elena is led through the woods by Greta, the missing witch from episodes earlier, –who they thought was lost. As it turns out, she seems to enjoy being a hardcore evil bitch. Elena discovers who the fresh new vampire is: Jenna. And guess why Klaus didn’t use Damon…? He’s been rendered “as good as dead”, because he was bitten by a werewolf.

And oh my frigging god, I swear, if Damon dies, I will -not- watch this show anymore. I won’t. There’s no way. It’d be too depressing. Ian Somerhalder is too gorgeous to be killed off in another series. It’s not faaaaaairrrr!!! Okay, but aside from that, my one girly fit, I’m sure they’ll find a way to save him. He’s a main character damn it. Will Jenna survive though? Eh… I doubt it. It looks really grim. Will Jules survive? Definitely not. She’s obnoxious and crabby, and evil anyway. So if somehow Jenna makes it, and Jules croaks, I’ll be satisfied with the season finale. I’m pretty sure that Tyler might end up killing Matt; or vice versa. I’m also itching to see Bonnie back in action: she didn’t make an appearance in this episode. And whoa, Matt sure is making a big turn around, that was wild. But I definitely see Caroline’s mom causing problems; it’s the zealotry ingrained in there. Ask any Christian, –Satan is bad, God is good, period. Well, it’s the same with these people. They will justify their actions in any way they possibly can, using their beliefs as a righteous shield against common sense, compassion, and tolerance. Which is why Caroline’s mom will probably be killed after she attempts to kill or successfully kills a vampire, and hopefully, it won’t be her own daughter. Any thoughts? Do y’all have any predictions? Check out the trailer for the next episode below!

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  1. i am dying to know what happens after watching this episode! Damon can NOT die, they HAVE to save him. as for Jules maybe dying as the werewolf sacrific (shoulder shrug). and for JENNA becoming a vampire freak out! she just learned about all this being real and now shes turning into a vampire, anyone want to say irony? cant wait for the season finale! and the next season!

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