The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 21

The season is coming to an end; but it’s definitely going out with a big fat BANG! It’s not quite the end, –that’s next week, but it’s definitely looking really grim for everyone involved. Last week, Tyler was attacking Caroline and Matt, –after biting Damon, Jenna is a vampire now, about to be sacrificed, Elena is standing in a circle, also about to be sacrificed, along with the Big Bad Bitch, Jules. Katherine tries to make up with Damon, because he’s probably going to croak, and she’s denied. He takes off to go help save the day, with Alaric, John Gilbert, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Stefan. Meanwhile, Caroline and Matt are holed up in a cellar. And then Matt shoots poor Tyler, and they take off and lock themselves up in the Lockwood mansion.

Tyler’s transformation doesn’t last long though; he makes it as far as the porch, –and after Matt and Caroline have it out about Matt telling her mom about the whole vampire thing, they take him inside so he can heal. Then Matt dumps her, the asshole, but that’s okay, because after he takes off, she gets to cuddle with a much hotter and much more supernatural, Tyler Lockwood. Unfortunately, there’s still big trouble in Mystic Falls, even though Caroline gets to cuddle, bad things are happening. Jenna’s now a full vampire because that Greta bitch has given her blood, to fully transform Jenna. Stefan shows up in the nick of time though, and plans to trade himself in for Jenna’s life. Elijah, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, and John are trying to find solutions for saving Elena in the old Founders’ journals. Klaus has everyone seriously wigging out, but on the other hand, it is nice to see a full on -evil- vampire once in a while.

Everyone’s hopes are hanging on Elijah staying true to his word: the plan is to do a spell that will allow John Gilbert to give Elena his life force, effectively bringing her back from the dead, once Klaus has drained her. Then, Bonnie will kick his ass with witch mojo, and when he’s finally weakened to the brink of death, Elijah will move in and finish the job. Which is why everyone is tripping out on whether or not he’ll keep his shit together, and kill Klaus. Elijah promises to do it, because of Klaus killing off their entire family. Back at the sacrificial altar, Greta is during her witch thing, and Jules is transforming, so she takes her chance and goes for Klaus, but he kills her. Actually, he rips out her heart. Then when Stefan shows up, he cripples him with a stake, and moves in for Jenna. Jenna tries to take out Greta, but she doesn’t make it, and Klaus kills her too.

Now all that’s left is Elena, and Klaus takes her too, draining her until she’s effectively, for all intents and purposes, dead as a doornail. Bonnie, Damon, and Elijah take off, leaving Alaric, Jeremy, and John Gilbert behind, although Alaric is very unhappy about the whole thing. And Jeremy’s asleep because Bonnie knocked him out before he could say anything else. Klaus begins to transform, but Bonnie shows up and kicks his ass, Damon snaps Greta’s neck, and then Elijah moves in and shoves one hand into his chest, presumably to rip his heart out. Then Klaus starts talking shit, about their family, and how the bodies are safe… and that’s Elijah’s soft spot. He whisks Klaus away to safety and leaves them all there. Major buzzkill. That douche couldn’t hold it together, so now there’s going to be serious trouble with Klaus.

Damon takes Elena away, and she wakes up; John Gilbert dies a few moments later, leaving her his ring and a letter of apology for being a deadbeat dad. But I think sacrificing yourself probably puts you in the clear, poor guy. Afterwards, there are funerals to attend, and Damon finally tells Stefan about his bite. Stefan swears he’ll find a way to save Damon, so we have that to hope for, I guess. maybe they’ll even get that resolved before the season breaks, –because if Damon dies, ugh, that would so totally blow. The next episode will be the season finale, Jenna’s dead, Elena and Jeremy, and Alaric, are devastated, Damon might die, and Stefan is dealing with losing his brother, but not telling Elena, because Damon doesn’t want to see her hurt over anyone else. Damon walks off into the sunset, and we are left hoping that he’ll come back. The promo for the season finale is below! Keep your fingers crossed, because the extended preview seems to suggest that Damon is pretty much …uh, dead. And god damn it, that is UNACCEPTABLE!


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  1. I agree. I hope that Damon does not die! It will mess up the show for good if he dies! I am hoping for a cure for the wolf bite and maybe it is in “Elena’s kiss”. In the previews for the final episode, it seems that Damon is trying to kiss her.

    1. yeah as in true love’s kiss :D
      I definitely agree that killing Damon would end the show for good I will not look at one more episode unless there is proof he wil be back alive again.
      and as for cheriff Forbs lets kill that bitch !

    2. so if there’s no Damon there won’t be a love triangle and when that happens there would be no more vampire diaries

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  3. I really like watching Vampire Dairies. I hope that when ends they come out with another one. I like it, it is scared and romantic at the same time.

  4. they will not kill off Damon, at least not without ticking off basically every member of the Vampire Diaries fan base. i still cant believe they killed off Jenna though, i kept going ‘Dont kill her, dont kill her, dont kill her!’ i was ignored. and to be honest i wasnt all that surprised when Elijah saved Klaus in the end, as soon as Klaus started talking about their families corspes i knew Elijah wouldnt be able to kill him. but i cant wait for the season finally next week! Go Vampire Diaries!

  5. hes not gonna die, cos with elijah running off with klause to find the family crypt it leaves it wide open for a season 3, we havent fully explored tyler lockwood and caroline forbes, and elena needs to decide who she wants, jeremy needs to turn vamp and bonnie needs to protect all of them, jenna needs to come back after wearing alarics ring ……….. am i sounding desperate here lol

  6. i think damon won’t die because when he was bitten by tyler, tyler’s transformation was not yet complete. i think damon can be a weapon against klaus vampwolf because he now has some wolf rabies or something. he will not die (i hope).

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