The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 22

The Season Finale: As I Lay Dying

Oh my god. Phew. People. Was that not the perfect ending? It had everything; it had death, resolution, new troubles brewing, an amazingly romantic scene between Damon and Elena, in fact, the only thing that might have made it better would have been a shirtless Tyler Lockwood running around. Where the hell was he anyway? I guess he’s probably hanging out, doing the werewolf thing. Chillin’, you know. The episode picks up a couple days after the big presto-change-o! with Klaus. He’s been running around killing people, and Elijah has been cleaning up after him. Stefan enlists Bonnie in the search for Damon’s cure, but the witches are offended that she’d consider saving a vampire, but they do give her a glimpse of Klaus. He has something to do with the cure, –well, of course he does.

Why wouldn’t everything hang on the whim of a psychotic, god-moder? That’s right, that’s what he is: a god-moder. Infamous villain and terror of the RPG forums the world over. At least he is at this point, because he has no known weakness. Damon is locked in the convenient dungeon under Stefan’s house, while he’s out trying to bargain with Klaus… who kills his brother, Elijah, as soon as they get back to the apartment. Though, Klaus was telling the truth in one aspect, –we’ll get to that later though. Klaus demonstrates the cure for Stefan: he bites Katherine in werewolf-mode, then cures her by making her drink his blood. Unfortunately, the price to be paid is sacrificing himself completely to Klaus. And Klaus wants him to be all cracked out with bloodlust, so he gets him fat as a tick on it, and then sends Katherine to Damon with the cure.

Elena and Damon have been going through a lot, during all this. While Damon is cooped up in the basement, Sheriff Forbes shows up (under heat from her boss, Mrs. Lockwood) to finally deal with the situation. She inadvertently lets Damon out, but manages to take Elena hostage at the police station. The sheriff tries to shoot Damon, but he moves out of the way, and instead, she hits Jeremy. Bonnie and Caroline are there to help him, and I get the feeling Liz Forbes is tripping out on the fact that her daughter the vampire, is doing everything she can to save Jeremy Gilbert, the human. Bonnie and Alaric get Jeremy out of the Grill, and take him off to appeal to the witches at the old mansion, –but they really don’t want to comply. And they warn her about consequences. In the end, Jeremy is saved, but at what cost? At the end of the episode, he is seeing Vickie, and Anna; they’re both dead. And they were both vampires when they died. Wtf is going on there?

But back to Caroline and mom, –Liz Forbes, hopefully, has finally seen the light. There’s a hugging scene, and we have to cross our fingers and pray that this works out. I was so afraid that Liz was going to spaz at the last minute and stake her own daughter. Edge of my seat, people. Elena has busted out of the sheriff’s office, I mean, literally, busted; she threw a chair out the window and off she went. Eventually, she finds Damon, who believes she’s Katherine for a minute and bites her. But she manages to get him back to the house, and takes care of him in what seriously look like his final moments. He tells her he’s sorry for everything he did to Stefan, and to her, and that he loves her… even though he knows she loves Stefan. Which is where I completely fell apart. And Elena kisses him! Yep, for real. No trickery. Elena really kisses him. Then Katherine shows up to be all snarky and smarmy, rude ass. But she does save Damon’s life, giving him Klaus’s blood, which she definitely could have not done.

And then Katherine’s gone: she is running from Klaus’s psychotic ass. And Klaus has in fact, kept the bodies of his family all together. He puts Elijah with the rest of them. Then he gives Stefan a girl, who he has to kill, –part of convincing Klaus that he’s a “ripper” again. So Jeremy can see ghosts, Elena has finally kissed Damon, Stefan is tweaking out on blood and has to do everything Klaus says to keep everyone he loves safe, Katherine is off doing… whatever she does, and next season… who knows what will happen? I’m guessing, Damon and Elena will team up to kill Klaus and save Stefan from himself, Jeremy will spaz completely out, and the ghosts of girlfriends past will haunt his and Bonnie’s relationship. Alaric will maybe be around, I hope. He’s a great character. Caroline and Tyler will hook up (please, oh please) and Liz may or may not have to deal with issues of loyalty to the Council and her family. So. What did you guys think?

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  2. It was amazing and I almost cried (ok I teared up) with the whole Damon/Elana scene when they kissed! I can’t wait till next season!

  3. i cant believe everything that happened, in ONE EPISODE! it is going to kill me to have to wait all summer for the next season. and the way they ended it with Jeremy seeing all his old girlfriends (anyone else notice he tends to choose the paranormal girls to date?) is just a killer to keep us in suspence. hopefully they keep the Damon/Elena thing going strong next season, and they dont disappoint all the TVD fans.

  4. it was the best freaking season finale of any and every tv show i ever saw. it was sexy, heart pounding,and just excitig i LOVE vampire diaries can’t wait for the next season

  5. Man these last two episodes had me balling my eyes out! Here’s hoping the next season isn’t quite as depressing.

  6. OMG IT WAS A-BLOODY-MAZING! Made me cry though buut DAMON AND ELENA *screams with delight* so cute :3 Stefen gone bloodlust and this time there’s no-one quite there to stop him.., I HATE that I have to wait all the way till september for season 3 :( and WHY isn’t Elena Damon’s Dark Vampire Angel yet -.- lol x] but I cried through the majority of this season :O n OMG caroline must have vampire puppies with Tyler also I hope Bonnie and Jeremy don’t split up cause of his vampire ghost ex-girlfriends :( but I love Vampire Diaries :3 <3 good summary by the way (:

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