The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 3

This is the much-anticipated werewolf episode, and as usual, more shocking developments between Damon and Elena. Plus, there’s also Caroline’s continued struggle to master the art of being a vampire, –without killing too many innocent bystanders. Currently, Katherine is kind of on a back-burner, while Elena and Damon look for clues about the possible supernatural background in the Lockwood family history. As it turns out, Isobel Fleming did some research on the Lockwood’s lycanthropy, and finally, Alaric Saltzman returns to the show to help them find out more. Stefan stays behind, busy helping Caroline cope, along with Bonnie, who’s designed a sun-proof ring for Caroline.

The threesome encounter Isobel’s assistant, a trigger-happy grad student, Vanessa Monroe; she almost shoots Elena with a crossbow, if not for Damon throwing himself in front of the arrow. Elena yanks it out, and there’s some banter between them, –Damon is still trying to convince her, lightly, that he knew Jeremy was wearing the ring. While Alaric and Damon research the lycanthrope, Elena looks for more information on Katherine. Elena is coming up dry, but they discover that there are werewolves in Mystic Falls, and their chosen prey: vampires. Worse, a bite from a werewolf is fatal to a vampire. Elena quickly dials Stefan to warn him.

And she calls just in time, because Stefan is chaperoning and watching over Caroline at a party. Caroline is still pretty shaky around people so, she needs the attention. But inevitably, she and Matt make-up, then head out into the woods, in the dark, to make-out. The problem is, Uncle Mason is out there, trying to chain himself up in some room underground, in the ruins of the Lockwood’s old plantation house. But it gets worse, the old room was discovered previously, by Tyler Lockwood, who is on his way there with a girl. Mason takes off, to find somewhere else to turn into a werewolf, now that Tyler’s invaded his spot. A tree doesn’t work, so Mason jumps in a Suburban, and transforms.

Meanwhile, Caroline accidentally starts chomping on Matt, and Stefan searches for the couple, now aware of the werewolf problem. He manages to get to Caroline before she kills Matt, and the two run off. But Caroline ends up pinned by Mason in wolf form, and if it wasn’t for Tyler’s fast interruption, from out of nowhere, Mason would have killed her. Caroline and Stefan escape, leaving Tyler to contend with the new wolf in the family. After ‘compelling’ Matt, Stefan and Caroline head off: her decision comes at long last. She has to break up with Matt to save him from her. Poor Caroline. Even worse, by the end of the show, Katherine shows up to screw with Caroline’s head.

And speaking of depressing stuff, Damon asks Elena earlier in the episode, if he’s lost her forever, if they’ll never be friends again. After giving Elena a book about Katherine’s heritage, Stefan reveals that he in fact, did not know Jeremy was wearing the ring. He apologizes to her, and tries to explain. But Elena tells him that yes, he has lost her forever. Damon recognizes that Elena was manipulating him to gain more information, and tells her that in fact, she and Katherine are very similar. There is a little good news though! Alaric and Jenna finally do kiss, and it looks like there may be a new relationship blossoming. Hopefully, Alaric and Jenna get a little bit of happiness, –god knows, they both deserve at least a little.

By annimi

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  1. i liked this episode too, but i honetly think Caroline should be killed off. First Damon wants to kill her, Elena wont allow it; Bonnie says if he kills one person the ring wont work and the sun will kill her; and finally she is pinned by Maon but Stefan tackles him off so he cannt kill her, PEOPLE JUST KILL HER ALREADY!

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