The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 4

The big question as of the last few episodes of season one, and season two of The Vampire Diaries has been “why is Katherine Pierce, née Petrova, in Mystic Falls?” She keeps saying, because she loves and wants to be with Stefan Salvatore. In this episode, Katherine spends a ridiculous amount of time trying to convince Stefan that’s why she’s there. Stefan sneakily feeds her vervain in the midst of a reminiscent conversation, stabs her with a ‘vampire tranquilizer’ invented by Alaric, then chains her up in his wicked basement, to get some answers out of her. Meanwhile, Damon’s big plan is to get Mason to Jenna’s barbecue and prove he’s a werewolf by poking him with silver. And speaking of Alaric, –he’s getting awful cozy with Jenna. And he might even have some competition with Mason there.

Elena hangs out at the barbecue, while Damon dances around a bunch of wolf innuendos with Mason, and her sister  is snuggled up to Alaric. But Caroline is there to keep Elena company… sort of. Actually, she’s been threatened by Caroline to try to get into Elena’s head, and keep her busy while she tries to manipulate Stefan into getting back together with her. Normally, I’d say “ew”, but there is actually a certain amount of melodramatic truth involved in all of this. Katherine is a cold, vindictive bitch, but I think she might actually have some semblance of feeling for Stefan. Not only do we learn more about Katherine’s escape at the cost of over two dozen of her ‘vampire family’ members, but there’s also more about the werewolves in Mystic Falls.

Elena can’t get ahold of Stefan, so she goes with Caroline, who is secretly trying to do everything she can to keep Elena from going over there, which means damaging her own Ford Fiesta, duhhh. But it’s not totally Caroline’s fault, she is being threatened by Katherine. When Elena finally gets over there, she runs smack into Katherine, who just shrugged off the chains Stefan thought he had subdued her with. The big reveal: Katherine has built up an immunity to vervain, and she’s insanely strong. She doesn’t attack Elena, but then, she doesn’t answer when Elena asks how it is that they look exactly alike. Creepy.

Oh and need I mention… that silver doesn’t work on this particular werewolf? Mason and Tyler get into it, when Mason shows up later at the Lockwood mansion. Tyler tries to use the moonstone as leverage over Mason in order to learn the ‘trigger’ for the werewolf curse. It works, though it really pisses off Mason, who admits to Tyler, that the trigger is killing someone. That he tried not to tell Tyler was commendable, –he wanted to see his nephew be something other than a douchebag, but… Tyler insisted.

Speaking of mansions, Elena and Stefan are reunited over at his place, seemingly all right for the moment. Katherine confronts Caroline in the grill’s ladies’ room over her not being able to keep Elena occupied long enough to get her man back. But, thank god, Caroline manages to survive another episode by convincing Katherine that she really got to Elena by constantly bringing up the whole, “vampire + human = shitty relationship” thing that afternoon. In the restaurant, Stefan and Elena, in a stunning display of cleverness, manage to act out a dramatic near-break-up fight, in which Elena walks away from Stefan. While Caroline hangs on every word… –and Damon too. Caroline is the obvious target, though I hate to see Damon drawn into the ruse too.

They meet up later on to snuggle, and make sure everyone was captivated by their fake fight. Outside, under the moon, Katherine is strolling down memory lane. This episode was actually pretty sad. The main theme was, maybe Katherine did come back to Mystic Falls because she loves Stefan, and again, no one loves Damon, who has made yet another enemy. The thing is, though I am more than half convinced that Katherine does love Stefan, like him, I’m not totally convinced that the -only- reason she’s there. Even though I have to admit, the episode did make me cry. Particularly, the scene where Katherine kisses Stefan goodbye when she sees him laying dead in the road with his brother, for two reasons; the obvious, that maybe Katherine still loves Stefan, but also because Damon is still so neglected. *Sniffle*

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  1. i feel so sorry for stefan cause elena sees him in the road and i she still lovaes stefan but she doesn’t love damon and i read about the next episode it almost made me cry caroline si a b*** for doing that elena and stefan and damon but i going to see this episode no matter what it sounds good and elena you can’t tell stefan goodbye like that you love him and he loves you, you just can’t do that !!!!

  2. I completely agree with you. Give Damon a break! Geeze. And you Mystic Falls people wonder why he goes crazy every now and then. I’m not sure where the S&K&E storyline is going, but I find it unrealistic that not one, but TWO women would choose Stefan over Damon. Really?? C’mon Julie ad Kevin. That just ain’t right.

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