The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5

A lot of insanity this episode, and some big reveals going on too. Everything starts off as a continuation of the last episode; Mason Lockwood explains how he triggered his curse, –killing his friend by accident, and now Tyler Lockwood is paranoid about accidentally killing someone. He and Jeremy bond a little, and hang out with some annoying high school girls who can’t hold their liquor, and one of them takes the moonstone that Tyler and Jeremy were discussing. When Tyler and her struggle on the stairs, she falls, and for a split second, Tyler thinks he’s killed her. When she gets back up, Tyler makes the decision to give Mason the moonstone, and potentially get Mason out of his life for good.

Meanwhile, crazier things are going on with Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and Liz. And in the background, stirring the shitpot, is Katherine, –but we don’t find out how deeply she’s involved until the end of the episode. To get back at Damon for trying to kill him, Mason goes to Liz and snitches on Damon and Stefan. Uh oh. At first she doesn’t buy it, but then Mason offers to prove it to her. Shortly after, Damon has a sip of lemonade tainted with vervain, and starts choking, –right in front of Liz. When Stefan goes to his aid, the two agree to put Mason out of the picture. But they walk into a trap. Liz shoots both of them, and injects them with vervain tranquilizers, before carting them into the same cellar Mason uses to transform on the full moon.

Caroline is at the same party though, and with Elena in tow, they rescue Damon and Stefan, –but only after killing two deputies and revealing Caroline as a vampire to Liz. And did I mention, that Caroline totally kicks Mason’s ass? Oh yeah, best scene of the episode. They take her to Stefan and Damon’s house, to get the vervain out of her system, then compel her to forget the whole deal, after three days. My guess is, the plan doesn’t work out so much. Plus, Liz refuses to accept Caroline is still her daughter. I guess they believe the whole Buffy mythos, —once turned vampire, the soul departs and a demon resides within.

Which is too bad, because it doesn’t really apply here. Later, Caroline confesses the whole “Katherine made me spy on you: thing to Elena, and they kinda comfort each other. Katherine threatened to kill Matt, so Caroline gave in. Oh and remember how I said in the beginning that Mason eventually got the moonstone from Tyler? Well, guess who he gives it to. That’s right. Katherine. He sneaks out to her car, hands her the stone and then starts making out with her! Ew! You know, I have also been thinking, –I bet Tyler triggers his curse by killing Jeremy. However, I think it’s also possible that Jeremy allows or maybe even talks Tyler into killing him in order to trigger ‘the curse’, –because Jeremy has the ring, remember? Oh and FYI, Stefan is going to be drinking human blood again so yeah, watch out for that one. We all know what happens when he’s on the juice.

By annimi

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  2. I totally just finished watching this episode. I may have or may not have yelled out “bitch” and “whore” a couple of times…..

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  5. i watched the episode too and at the end when they started making out i just gaped and it took me a minute to aborb that, because i thought a werewolf could kill a vampire. and im still waiting for them to explain the purpose of that moonstone.

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