The Vampire Diaries – Season 2 Episode 7


I don’t know what happened to our usual writer when it comes to handling the recaps, so you’re stuck with me again.  I’m sorry.  On a positive note, if you’re a fan of the video recaps like I am, you might prefer this post.  How about leaving a comment below and letting me know?  If you prefer the full summary in writing, go leave a comment in some of the older ones.  We gauge reader interest by the comments you leave.

Check out some full recaps of the episode at the following urls:

What did -you- think of the episode?

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  1. i dont mind the video recaps but i bit more writing would be appreciated, maybe to touch on the important things like new characters (a.k.a Lucy) other then that i <3 the video comments

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  3. I thought the tomb was open… how did the tomb vampires get out last season? Is Kat faking that she cant get out? I’m confused!!!!

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