The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8

I’m back! And from what I gathered, you guys missed me. I’m touched, truly. So let’s get on with things, shall we? This episode, was absolutely, frigging, amazing! There was everything I wanted in it: badass vampire action, great backstory (and no obnoxious flashbacks!), romance, and super-duper sad parts that made me literally bawl. Not to mention murder, suspense, tears, and the possible blossom of new friendship/romance. Okies, so basically, what’s going on is…

Katherine has finally been locked in the tomb, but, there’s something really special going on with Elena. She’s a ‘Petrova Doppelganger’; a doppelganger is like a twin, a copy, but with mystical properties. I could list them for you, but they wouldn’t make much sense, because movies and shows don’t exactly stick to straight research. They tend to bend the facts to make things more entertaining, and hey, why not, if it works? Just before Damon sealed the door of the tomb, Katherine said Elena was in danger, and that she had to be protected. Damon, in a sweet, cute Damon moment, said he’d protect her, and closed the door on the evil bitch.

But then, Elena was kidnapped by some freak in a clown mask! As it turns out, the freak was Trevor, and he was a companion of this other vampire chick, who’s like, 500 years old. This chick is ‘Rose’, and since she has a whole episode named after her, I assume she’s important. Rose and Trevor have been running from the ‘Originals’, –who we can assume are the first vampires, –for 500 years, because Trevor did something to piss them off. They’re negotiating with one of them, Elijah, who sounds very old world Russian, to trade Elena, in exchange for their freedom and forgiveness. Elijah, badass vampire that he is, does forgive them, and then shortly after, smacks Trevor’s head right off his shoulders.

But thank god, Stefan and Damon, are on their way, and just before Elijah takes off with Elena, Damon and Stefan pop up. And they’ve been drinking blood, –even Stefan. After a great, fast fight, it looks as though Damon has killed the big nasty bastard. And everyone goes home for a happy ending. Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline have been bonding over their werewolf/vampire issues. The only thing is, Caroline has lied about how many vampires there are, in order to keep them safe, sure, but it’ll definitely come back to bite her in the ass. Plus, Bonnie and Jeremy are getting cute together! The thing is though, we might have some cause to worry about Bonnie, –she’s been doing a lot of magic lately, and it’s making her sick.

And as an added bonus, there’s a really great brother moment between Stefan and Damon, which made me tear up a little, –Stefan apologizes to Damon for turning him, and tells him that he just needed his brother with him. Omg, sob! And if you think that was a tearjerker, wait till you hear what Damon does. He sneaks into Elena’s bedroom, to give her back the vervain necklace, –which Elijah threw away, –remember, the one Stefan gave her? He gives it to her, and tells her that he loves her, and that’s why he can’t be selfish, and omg, that he doesn’t deserve her, but Stefan does, and then he kisses her on the forehead and makes her forget the whole thing! And he disappears.

Tell me god, why can’t Elena have been regularly ingesting vervain like everyone else on the show!? Damon even cried a little! Damon never cries! Well, like once, but mostly never! Anyway, at the end, guess who suddenly revives and pries himself away from impalement on a door? That’s right, it’s Elijah. But Rose has already warned Stefan that some really, incredibly bad vampires are on their way, to get Elena. And maybe Rose can keep Damon company, and maybe Caroline and Tyler are gonna hook up, or Bonnie and Jeremy ooooh! But the preview for next week, –check it out. Phew. Sounds pretty damn scary. But I’ll be here to relive it with you, again and again.

Tell me what you think of this recap, oh, and let me know if you missed me! I missed you! Oh and also, –tell me whether or not you think Caroline will ever get back with Damon? Will Damon ever get a girlfriend to focus on that isn’t Elena? Are Tyler and Caroline hooking up? Is she just screwing herself over by lying to him? And what about Matt? What’s going on with Jeremy and Bonnie? And does anyone else think Bonnie’s being a total cougar by getting involved with Jeremy?

By annimi

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  4. The writers did an amazing job with this episode. I am so interested to see where we are going with the “originals!” I am even more interested in where we will go with Damon and Elena. I believe they are truly soulmates.

  5. It was a good episode indeed. I could totally see Caroline and Tyler hooking up, they’ll probably get closer and since they both feel a bit lonely (Tyler because as he said he can’t talk to anybody else, and Caroline, she may be a vampire but she’s not being taken very seriously by the others) it could happen. Same with Bonnie and Jeremy (nothing shocking though, the age difference is not that big).
    I’m excited for next week episode. Many things are going to happen! And finally knowing a bit more about Katherine is great. I don’t really see how they’re going to fight the oldest vampire on earth though… nobody’s strong enough. So yes, a solution could be Elena becoming a vampire but even so, I guess it would only make The Originals very angry…

  6. I’m not usually a bawler, but what Damon did to Elena at the end, did make me tear up a tad. And Elijah unstaking himself…..He must be one powerful vamp :(

  7. I think that if Stefan ever got in trouble and taken away that (after a few months or so) Damon and Elena could be together. I mean I’d hate that cause i absolutely! LOVE DAMON SALVATORE!!!!! but still i think they could be together. Damon Loves Elena and Elena may not idmit it but she loves Damon back. I don’t want Delena to happen I’m just saying it could. I loath Elena for constintely hurting Damon. But that’s the only reason I loath her therefore I like her more than I hate her.
    I think Tyler and Caroline will get together. Espashully after what happens when Tyler turns. She stays until he does turn. *sighs with a touch of love in it* Caroline really know’s how to be romantic. I LOVE DAMON SALVATORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey demon…….
    i love your acting are awesome.i like your way of talking…….i really love to see you in Vampire diary.admire you

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