The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10

The New Deal

Phew! It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? And trust me, I was really chomping at the bit people. Which is why I feel like kind of a dick, because I -totally- forgot that Vampire Diaries was on yesterday. I thought it premiered the 15th, so my duh there. And now I’m all Johnny Come Lately, but better late than never, right? I was also nervous that this mid-season premier would be boring, –because that’s what happened last year, dudes. We waited like two months for them to finally bring the show back, and when they finally did it was like… “So… what just happened?” But! This season break ended with one hell of a bang! I’m not telling you just yet what it was just yet, so hold it together. Oh and if you hadn’t guessed: SPOILER ALERT!


  • Bonnie getting back in the action. S’about time she did something besides nag everybody about being involved with vampires.
  • Damon and Elena getting friendlier, slowly but surely.
  • Elena manning up to Klaus a bit; she’s talking back, and getting sassy. I like the new “take charge” girl that’s dying to get out.
  • Stefan -really- manning up to Klaus; stealing four Originals. Ballsy.
  • Jeremy cutting that dick hybrid’s head off. That was frickin’ insane. He’s like, “One sec, sis, need a cleaver. Ker-thunk. There we go.” Yeah, it’s definitely time Jeremy took a vacation.
  • Alaric making new friends at the hospital; Dr. Feelgood, –oh, I mean, Dr. Fell. I wonder if she’s related to Logan (the dead news guy from season 1)?
  • Getting to see the more human side of Klaus, –even if it’s because he’s being a dick. His guilt about his sister, and his mother, –Klaus is like a big, twisted psycho vampire, but he’s also got a past full of emotional vulnerability. He needed more hugs.
  • Elena, Alaric, and Damon sending Jeremy off into the wide beyond, to live and be normal away from Mystic Falls.
  • The Damon and Elena kiss; yayyyyyy! So so so so awesome. I had a tear, people.


  • Stefan’s continued douchebag behavior; sure, it lets Damon and Elena get closer, but really, it also makes me just… irate. Can’t they just -share-?
  • Tyler’s situation. He’s got so much potential to be sweet, and he has been. But now that he’s a hybrid, he’s stuck as Klaus’s bitch, –until they finally kill Klaus anyway.
  • Bonnie’s condescending moral stance on anything vampire related. Seriously. And I mean, if Klaus is making demands, isn’t it obvious that Elena’s going to cooperate? He has the ability to kill pretty much anyone, anytime he wants.
  • Jeremy’s downward spiral, –hopefully, he doesn’t remember any of his time in Mystic Falls. Not ever. The kid has had a really rough time, and he deserves some time being normal.
  • Saying goodbye to Jeremy. I cried.
  • The weird behavior of Alaric’s ring. I don’t want Alaric to die, he’s awesome. Maybe they can get it fixed, or re-spelled or something.
  • The threat Klaus made against Damon. I will lose it if Damon dies. He’s the best thing on the show! Well, he’s certainly the hottest thing.

Check out the trailer for the next episode; it doesn’t really reveal much, but… it’s better than nothing.



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