The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 11

Our Town

This episode was very emotional; yet again, I’m impressed at the lack of filler, and I have have some new points of interest. It’s not all “Oooh, Damon kissed Elena, yayyyy.” I mean sure, that’s a big party in my romance receptors, but there’s more to this episode than the beginnings of a Damon and Elena relationship. So, without further ado, let’s figure out which bits of VD you need to catch, and which bits we should totally cure.


  • Well, duh, the beginning of some small romantic stirrings between Damon and Elena. I mean, that is still pretty damn awesome. I desperately want those two to be all cute and couple-y.
  • The weird feeling I’ve got that maybe Stefan wants Damon and Elena to be together, and maybe that’s why he’s pushing away Elena with so much obvious force.
  • The return of Caroline! Yay! I love Caroline. And I love the fact that she survived this episode.
  • I’m actually listening to “Sweet Caroline” (by Neil Diamond, not Glee… jeez) as I write this part: I love that Klaus has taken what looks like a genuine interest in Caroline. Even if it isn’t, I’m glad he saved her. I cried a little when he had his little talk with her about life, death, and the whole vampire thing. The whole scene was just beautiful. “Good times never seemed so good…”
  • Tyler’s desperate attempts to being in love, safely, with Caroline. He’s changed so much, from the dickhole he used to be, and now that he isn’t, he can’t express his concern the way he’d like to; karma is his tragedy.
  • Liz Forbes’ 180 degree shift in philosophy; she’s changed a lot. Gives me a little hope for the rest of the council. Even the Lockwood wench is on board. But again, I say a “little” hope. Like, microscopic.
  • Damon’s showdown with Klaus over Elena. He never backs down from confrontation, but it did seem like he was much more confident, and serious, than usual.
  • Tyler’s departure into the great wide everywhere; it’s sweet. I’m glad he’s going off to go be normal and live a decent, healthy life. Where he doesn’t have to decapitate people.


  • Alaric’s new friend, Doctor Fell: Clearly this is a bad person. I really think Alaric should know by now that he shouldn’t take every situation at face value. Because now that poor medical examiner guy is dead.
  • Bonnie’s holier-than-thou high horse, rearing its ugly head again. She just exudes self-righteousness, and Jeremy is better off out of Mystic Falls. I’m glad she realized that in the end, but honestly, she can be such a bitch about it.
  • The continued disintegration of Caroline and Tyler’s relationship, –they were really good for each other.
  • Though I’m sort of happy with Klaus at the moment, I’ve also got a sneaking suspicion that he’s just screwing with Caroline’s head, and that pisses me off.
  • Stefan’s asshole-ism is wearing me down, and making me sad. I really wish he’d stop being such a total cock. Even though it’d mean Damon and Elena don’t get together, possibly, anyway.  It just feels weird for Stefan to be such a total shithead.
  • The town teaming up with Klaus. They seriously need to get a clue. Klaus bad, Mystic Falls vampires good. Duh.

Check out the preview for the next episode “The Ties that Bind”. Some random black guy shoots Stefan, and we see Caroline’s dad… joy, beating up Tyler with what appears to be a lead pipe. Lovely.

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  2. loved this episode! cant wait for the next one. the only thing is i cant believe they FINALLY decided to stick Meredith into the show (only took them 2 1/2 seasons, geez) and as a DOCTOR no less! W-O-W!

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