The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 12

The Ties That Bind

I won’t lie guys, this episode was only so-so, in terms of awesomeness. I do realize that we need story development, and I know that it can’t be explosions and insanity all the time. Is it so wrong to want it anyway? On top of everything, this is THE LAST EPISODE OF VAMPIRE DIARIES EVER! Well, not really. It’s going to be two weeks before there’s another episode. And they left us on such a downer. I’m inserting a figurative frowny face here. The next episode, Bringing Out the Dead, will premiere on Feb. 2nd. Apparently, people will be dying? At least, that’s what I gather from the title. We’ll check out the preview for the next episode after the following bitching and praising.


  • The whole Bonnie and Mom storyline. That could be cool. I’m waiting to see how it develops. Abby Bennett is deadwood now, but who knows, she might rock in two weeks.
  • Damon and Elena’s kissing thing being all, “known by all.” Could this be preparation for seeing them as a couple? Eeee!
  • Abby’s sort of adopted kid Jaimie, –omg, so hot. Thank you, finally, a black guy on the show who isn’t a witch. That we know of… hmm…
  • Bill Forbes, Caroline’s dad, trying to make-up for his major mistake with Caroline, by trying to help Tyler overcome his sire bond with Klaus. I really hope it works; Tyler and Caroline are such a sweet couple. But… then again, Klaus might like Caroline, and I’d be interested in seeing how that weird Aryan vampire couple thing might go.
  • The fact that Alaric’s new girlfriend, Meredith Fell, might not be so bad. She’s using vampire blood to heal people. That’s kind of cool.
  • Elijah popping up like springtime daisy at the end. Badass.


  • Klaus getting some of the coffins back. Damn it! He didn’t get the big one, but the way things are going, it won’t be long.
  • The sneaking suspicion that maybe Elijah won’t side with the good guys. Family is family, and it’s more likely that he’ll end up funneled back into Klaus’s bullshit.
  • Another sneaking suspicion: maybe Meredith does nice things, but she still might be a psycho. Let’s all just keep our eyes peeled.
  • Not finding out who stabbed the medical examiner. Maybe a new character? Otherwise, it’d have to be Meredith. Maybe it’s Jeremy! And he’s hiding out in the woods or something!
  • The intense lack of Damon and Elena action. Damn it. Frowny face. I was really hoping to see more cute stuff.
  • Stefan acting like a jerk. “Oh, I don’t care about Elena anymore, durrr, but don’t kiss her, dude, she’s like, my girlfriend!” Puh-lease. He’s been nothing but a douchebag to Elena, and now he feels bad? Now he decides to grow his emotions back? Wtf?

Check out the preview for the episode we won’t get to see for two weeks (grrr)!

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  3. The doctor using the vampire blood seemed like a nice and good idea at first, but then I started thinking about how if that person has an accident of some kind shortly after and die, they’re going to come back as a vampire. If they come back all bloodthirsty then they’re going to go on a crazy killing spree and the doctor will be responsible for the deaths of countless all because she saved one. Hmmm… I am curious about what will come of her. I hope she dies. She seems shady to me, like when she tried to take Alaric’s ring.

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