The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16


Lots of things happened in 1912; while the rest of the world was still reeling after the Titanic went down, people in Mystic Falls were scared of falling prey to a serial killer. Apparently, one of the two magic rings in the Gilbert family causes people to lose their shit, and run around stabbing founding family members. Particularly those on the town’s Council. I feel placated, honestly. The fact that they re-opened the season, after a month of waiting, with bullshit like this irritates me. Although, I suspect it’ll coalesce into something more interesting, I still feel like this episode could have waited. We should have gotten something more than subplot filler to re-open the season. Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Alaric is arrested for murdering the medical examiner, Bill Forbes, attempting to murder Meredith Fell, and supposedly stabbing himself.
  • Meredith clears his name, –while Elena and Matt are digging through her belongings, and finding an old Gilbert diary which leads them to inevitably conclude that Alaric is the one killing people after all.
  • Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan and Rebekah are out trying to help Stefan maintain a blood craving. Stefan has trouble eating in moderation, apparently. 
  • Damon and Stefan have a really brotherly moment, when Damon admits that Stefan really is all that’s left for him to care about. Damon is determined to do right by his brother, at least in terms of getting his hunger under control.

These are the big questions of this episode in my opinion:

  • I think Jeremy is the one killing everybody. Do you?
  • Is there a renewed spark between Matt and Elena?
  • Will Caroline and Klaus be the new couple? 
  • Do you think that there will be a season 4? 
  • I think Bonnie is going to turn vicious pretty soon, –do you think she’ll want revenge for her mother? Do you think her mother will want revenge?
  • Who the hell is Sage and why do we care? Will this character be back, or was she just… a one-episode wonder?
  • Were you as creeped out as I was when Stefan tried to stick that woman’s head back on?
Remember, –participation would be great, since it’s going to help keep the Vampire Diaries series reviews on the website. Otherwise, we won’t be able to keep writing these. Sad, but true. :(
Check out the preview for the next episode! Apparently, that slutty redhead is back!

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  2. It’s crazy I was disapointed in this one but hopefully it gets better….. I’m just waiting… But on the other hand I could watch Damon do nothing and still be fine. As long as he’s not putting heads back on to bodies.

  3. what a crappy preview !
    i feel that the wow factor of VD is fading bit by bit or bite by bite ^^ Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy watching it but its getting a bit mediocre and the long gab in the middle of the season doesn’t help.
    but the two hotties in the show (Damon and Rebekah) make up for so much xD

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