The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 17

Break On Through

There is going to be a season 4, starting this September! And hopefully, Elena will finally become a vampire. I know, I know, not everything turns out the same as it does in the books. And honestly, this series is more ‘inspired by’ than ‘based on’ if you know what I mean. But Elena becoming a vampire in the books was such a huge part of the story. I wish it would hurry up and happen already.

This episode was still a bit on the slow side, but I fully suspect that the next few are going to be pretty exciting. Now, the reason I’m not as grumpy about this episode, despite its lack of pizzazz, is that it was all about building back up to the main story. Here are some of the highlights, and clues that the whole story is about to become a lot more stimulating than it has been the past couple of weeks.

  • The ‘Alaric is a psycho’ subplot has been wound up. Now, if he takes his happy herbs he won’t want to kill everyone quite as much. I’m sure he’s going to slip up at some point though.
  • Jeremy was checked on, but, we’re not sure he isn’t about to be a psycho too. He still has potential to go nutty, especially with the ring. 
  • Damon spent the whole episode getting information from Rebekah’s brain about the big white tree, and where the wood from it is. They found quite a bit, buuuuuut… well, Rebekah burned it, with Sage’s help, because she wanted to save Finn. The suicidal Original. Mama’s boy.
  • However! Damon kept the old wooden sign, and it’s made of the same special wood, and they’re back to hunting Originals.
  • Elena and Stefan are getting cute again, and he is gradually learning to control his Hungry Hungry Hippo syndrome.
  • Abby passed out of the story, so hopefully, there won’t be anymore of that drudgery. Such a downer.
  • Bonnie forgave Elena, all is right between friends yet again. Aww, so sweet. I seriously might have cried a little, but only because it’s obvious that Elena does resent being such a tool. Not in a mean way, but in that, everyone wants to use her for something. Which is why they should just hurry up and turn her into a vampire, damn it!

Now, it’s quiz time! The episode might have been slow, but only because they were wrapping up subplots and getting us back on track, so don’t lose faith just yet.

  • I miss the Damon + Elena romance, don’t you? Raise your hand if you at least need some closure!
  • Are you as disappointed in the Abby character as I am? That is to say, what do you think about her dead-beat mom deeds? 
  • Are you excited about the next season?
  • Who else wants to see Elena turn into a vampire? 
  • Do you think the Originals will actually die this season?
  • What happened to what’s-her-name? The big powerful witch who wants to kill her own kids?

Check out the preview for the next episode, The Murder of One!

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