The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3

The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 – The End of the Affair

Oooh, we’re so happy to have you back, Vampire Diaries! I mean, you’re not True Blood, and you don’t have to be, –you’re unique, and beautiful…. like a Fight Club snowflake. Except with a better agenda, and hotter actors. I mean, Edward Norton vs. Ian Somerhalder …? No comparison! Anyway, I’m so rambling here. Let’s get back on task… What do we need to cure, and what do we need to catch? God knows, after this episode… I feel pretty god damn contagious!


  • The brief snuggly scene with Damon and Elena in bed together.
  • The witch Gloria; she’s terrific. I especially like the “take it outside” scene. That is -so- just, typical “barroom cliche”. It’s fabulous.
  • Checking out Stefan’s psycho, serial killer lair. He’s like… a total freak. I feel like I’m being dragged into the majority plot reaction, as it was meant to be, kicking and sceraming: Maybe Elena and Stefan aren’t meant to be together? I mean, what with him being a former serial killer.
  • The thrill of the “Holy crap, Elena’s in my serial killer altar!” moment, when Stefan finds Elena hiding in his psycho-retreat. It’s a sweet moment.
  • Watching Damon and Elena gradually get closer to each other. It gives me chills and thrills! You know, warm fuzzy, romantic thrills and chills.
  • Liz Forbes, and Tyler Lockwood, coming to Caroline’s rescue. Thank you TV gods, –thank you! I  was so afraid for Caroline. And Liz just went in and were like all, “grr! don’t mess with mama”. It was a great moment. I think Caroline becoming a vampire actually brought her and her mother closer. So maybe it was a good thing.
  • Damon is still being pretty selfless, and trying to get Stefan back for Elena. It shows how far he’s come emotionally since the first season.
  • Finding out that the vervain necklace that Stefan gave Elena way back in season 1 was important.
  • Katherine’s 20s outfit and haircut. Tres chic.
  • Flashbacks. Ugh. I know why we have them, but still. They get on my nerves. Instead of just… giving us the backstory with a few lines of dialogue, they have to pump like, 20 minutes worth of filler into the show.
  • Caroline’s crazy dad. What a dick. Too bad Liz didn’t shoot him.
  • Klaus; just in general. He pisses me off. Can’t he just enjoy his new talents? It’s not necessary to replicate.
  • Stefan turning into a big douchebag.
  • Elena willing to forgive and forget; he killed all those people and is just totally okay with it.
  • The Rebecca ho; she’s too attractive to be trustworthy.
  • Finding out that the antique necklace that Stefan gave Elena is actually like some, ancient powerful witch heirloom; very cool.
It was a great episode, and despite my fears about it being bogged down by boring flashbacks, it turned out to be fairly action-packed. Shall we see what we’re in store for with the next episode?

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


  1. Loved the episode !
    just one little commentary on the lay-out I like the catch and cures but could you be more detailed ? I really liked to read again what went on in the episode and in my feeling I think its just to much like my school summary’s if you know what I mean.
    I’m so glad that Caroline did not die !! I really grown to her :D

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  4. i loved the episode and so wish Liz had shot Caroline’s dad! i cant wait for the next episode, i want to see what happens with them trying to find what happened to ‘Rebecca’s’ necklace. (i thought the necklace used to belong to katherine back in S1 when he said he had had it for a while and then wanted to give it to her) YAY VDS3!

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