The Vampire Diaries Season 3: Girls, Girls… Ghosts?

I won’t lie, –in my opinion, the Vampire Diaries is definitely a girls sow; there are a few things to attract the discerning males, –good action scenes, a few unbelievably hot chicks, and even some horror. But for the most part, it falls into the realm of ‘supernatural romantic drama’. Which is fine, really, but lately, they’ve been pandering more to the males. Werewolves, clearly a guy thing, have been stealing some of the limelight, and guys have been doing most of the action. So next season, they’re bringing on some more girly action, –and to top it off, the hot chicks will be ghosts. Which means, no contraception necessary!

Okay, okay, I might be a tad insensitive to the female ghost’s plight. But we’re talking about Vicki here; and according to Kevin Williamson, the executive producer, Vicki technically isn’t even a ghost. So maybe she’s an enemy, –we better watch out for the slut with a heart of gold. Dun dun dun! The Examiner has more details on Vicki’s return:

Vampire Diaries won’t return to Channel 6 in Tempe until the fall, but there is still news on the series. Hollywood Life reported on Monday that one of the characters that returned in the season finale has ‘unfinished business’ on the series. That character is Vicki played by Kayla Ewell. The actress revealed that Vicki has a lot to make up for her, and that is the reason for her return. She did not reveal what her character really is though. Fans have called her a ghost, but Kevin Williamson, executive producer of the series, said they were close but not right.

Vicki was killed off during season one of the series after Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, turned her into a vampire. She couldn’t handle the transition, so Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, staked her though the heart. In the season finale, Jeremy sees both Vicki and Anna in the final moments of the episode. He was connected to both the young women when they appeared on the series.

Will this unfinished business have to do with Jeremy or Stefan? Stefan is the one that killed her, but Jeremy and Vicki dated for a brief time. He has now moved on and he is dating Bonnie, played by Katerina Graham. Will Bonnie regret bringing her boyfriend back to life in season three?”

I doubt Bonnie will regret bringing Jeremy back to life, –she’s a pretty soft soul when it comes to the people she loves. But she may end up regretting it for the sake of the consequences following his return to the land of the living. I mean, what if he’s demoniacally possessed, like that kid in The Gates? And by the way, the way that show ended really pissed me off. So at least VD isn’t suddenly poofing out of existence because the DOUCHEBAGS that produced the show couldn’t -at least- wrap it up in another season. Much like Alan Ball’s departure from Carnival. So seriously, if we’re going to have VD, let’s really have it. Wait… that doesn’t sound right…. Anyway, what are you guys hoping for in the new season? Damon and Elena action? Vicki’s final demise? Elena turning into a vampire, –which she was supposed to do way earlier, if you go by the books. Elena would make an awesome vampire.

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  2. i dont care so much for the return of Vicki, she seemed like one of those crazies that get killed off early anyways (no offense to anyone), but i hope they focus on Anna’s return a bunch. Of course with the way they ended the season you can kind of tell there will be a lot more focus on Jeremy. As for Elena becoming a vampire, GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY! im not so much waiting in anticipation, theyve just dragged it out so long its no longer interesting to the show.

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