The Vampire Diaries, Season One, Episode 15

With Jenna’s help, Elena gets the address of a friend of her possible birth-mother; while Elena is busy debating on whether or not to go visit her, Stefan is trying to figure out if Damon killed Elena’s mother. Before Elena visits Trudie Peterson, friend of Isabel Fleming, –Jenna spills the beans to Alaric Saltzman, Isabel’s husband. Trudie Peterson acts kind of freaky, –a bit suspicious, right away. Damon, meanwhile, is extremely unstable and depressed; content to booze away his troubles, but Alaric is desperate for answers, and most likely, for revenge.

After a meeting with Stefan, Alaric is further incensed, –and even seems ready to involve Elena in the whole affair. Elena is completely unaware of Damon’s involvement in the whole messy affair; after giving Stefan a photo to remind Damon of Isabel, Alaric is off to flashback land. Apparently, Isabel was fascinated with Mystic Falls’ mysterious ‘animal attacks’ and the town’s vampires.

At Trudie’s house, Elena realizes what’s going on behind the woman’s strange behavior, –she serves vervain tea. Trudie knows about vampires, but refuses to say anything else, and makes Elena leave. Outside, a man is ominously watching, while standing in the middle of the street. Hmm, a new element to the story, –possibly a new character. It’s not Alaric, –he’s busy, boozing it up at the bar with Damon.

This of course, only serves to make Damon more suspicious of Alaric, but the vendetta-obsessed teacher leaves, where the sheriff takes his place. Seems she needs a favor; she wants to auction him off at a fundraiser. Single women, paying for a date with Damon? Hell, I’d sell all my shit -and- rob a bank. He, in return, asks her to check up on Alaric.

The creepy guy in the street shows up at Trudie’s, confirming that the woman kept her mouth shut for Elena, and “did her part”, whatever that is. The consequence of course, is her immediate demise at the hands of the stranger. Damon seduces Elena into buttoning his shirt for him, and of course, he once again displays his own drunken version of adoration for her. Stefan walks in and spoils it, though it gives Elena a chance to report her findings at Trudie’s house.

Stefan warns Elena not to talk to Alaric, but we all know the inevitable is coming; she’s going to hear some bullshit, and blame Damon for killing her birth-mother. Damon is also pretty evasive when questioned about Isabel, –not his usual “sure I killed the chick” sassiness, but genuine deflection. The thing is, with all these additional elements popping up, I don’t think Damon actually killed her. Looks like a huge set-up to me. With the help of the sheriff, Damon learns why Alaric is so interested in him.

Damon immediately starts screwing with Alaric about Isabel, –in public, over a microphone, and in front of Elena, who runs off, totally freaking out. Stefan calms her, but the creepy man from outside Trudie’s is watching them. Inside, Elena confronts Damon, who looks not only credulous, but incredibly miserable, -at least for him. Outside again, before Stefan can take Elena home, the creepy guy reveals that Isabel is alive, and wants nothing to do with her, –as well as that he’s under compulsion… to apparently, step in front of a huge truck after his message was delivered.

So.. I guess he’s not a new character. Elena snags his cell phone, and they run off. Alaric shows up at Damon’s, ready for a fight, which of course, doesn’t end well for him, but it’s revealed that Isabel sought out Damon, and begged to be turned. Stefan arrives too late to save Alaric, but just in time to hear Damon’s new theory; that Katherine sent Isabel to him, –a shallow, delusional hope that Katherine just might still be interested. When Stefan goes to move Alaric’s body, –holy shit! The guy wakes up; it turns out, the ring he was wearing has the power to keep him alive. Even Stefan is tripping out.Elena calls the last phone number in the weirdo’s cell phone, and listens to her birth mother’s voice for the first time. Isabel hangs up: FYI, the number is (919) 399 – 2507; call for awesome spoilers and to leave a message or a shout-out! Mention!

Subplot-wise, Matt’s mom, an evil, shallow, drunken, jilted bitch who looks barely 30, –also named Kelly, is back in town, and immediately begins treating poor Caroline like shit, while building the foundation for what looks like an obsessive relationship with her son. The new vampire, who wandered out of the tomb, is now out and about, and headed toward Anna and her mother, –who didn’t leave town as promised.

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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  3. I loved this episode sooooo much! Oh, and I called the phone number you put and I mentioned this site as promised! I heard the spoilers and stuff so, uh, yeah!

  4. I’m goig to say Alaric want’s his Revenge thinking Damon killed Isabel of stoping her to Reveal Damon’s and her Secret-Affair of Alaric i think never knew about Isabel’s Affair with Damon and that’s the reason why he want’s to get Revenge on Damon by trying to kill Damon but I think Stefan already know’s about Damon’s Affair so Standing beside her Brother I knew Alaric is keeping a Massive Secret of being a Vampire While Stefan asking him about th Gilbert-Journal and I think Elena doe’nt know who Damon is to her but I’m going to say Stefan need’s to be with Damon to tell elena about Damon’s Relationship is with Elena I know it will a Massive Heart-Breaking Shocking News for The Vampire Daries Viewers and myself i know someone who watch’s it and i Think it is the Case

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